Sexy underwear Visual camisole milk skirt

Sexy underwear Visual camisole milk skirt

Sexy underwear Visual camisole, milk cover skirt trend

The sexy underwear -vision camisole is one of the most popular sexy underwear at the moment. Because of its unique design, it has a strong attraction, which has become the favorite style of many women.The characteristic of this style of underwear is to organically combine the suspender with the suspender skirt. The sexyness of the underwear is added by the perspective material to make the wearer more attractive and moving without losing comfort.So, what are the design elements, matching skills, and applicable occasions of sexy underwear transmitted camisole?

Design factor

There are three main aspects of the design elements of sexy underwear transmitted camisole:

First, the overall color matching.The hue of such underwear is usually black, red, and white, and some styles will also add some metallic colors.The overall color must be harmonious, and the appearance is generous and decent. It can reflect the charm and sexy of women. At the same time, grasping the scale, not too exposed.

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Secondly, the selection of perspective materials.The biggest difference between sexy underwear and observation camisole and other styles is that perspective materials are selected to create a mystery.There are many types of perspective models, including lace and mesh.The design elements should be carried out around the perspective and organically integrate the theme of the underwear.

Finally, it is exquisite style elements.Women focus on the intuitive reflection of style, so the sexy lingerie transverse camisole milk skirt should pay attention to the shaping of the details element.For example, the addition of lace lace, outlined body shape, etc. all reflect the designer’s intentions and inspiration.

Matching skills

For the choice of matching occasions, under normal circumstances, the sexy underwear transverse camisole campaign skirt can be paired with the following clothing:

1. Straight shorts.You can choose a tight -fitting straight shorts with a sexy underwear and transverse camisole, which can show the curve of the waist and abdomen, and at the same time make the whole shape look sexy and playful.

2. Short skirt and boots.The skirt can optimize the leg lines, and a pair of over -the -knee boots will look more sexy with the deep black and satin’s gloss.

3. Simple top.You can choose a relatively simple top, such as black knitted texture or a white round neck T -shirt. This shape can make the sexy underwear transverse camisole milk skirt more conspicuous.


The applicable occasions of sexy underwear transmitted camisole skirts are special, and different colors are selected in different occasions.


1. Dating. Dating is one of the main occasions where many women show their charm.A personalized underwear is enough to show the charming feature of women, so the sexy lingerie transverse camisole milk skirt is suitable for dating.

2. Party.If you are going to party, it is a good choice to choose a bright color without losing the elegant sexy underwear and transmitted camisole.This can make you more eye -catching at the party.

3. Rest at home.The sexy underwear transmitted camisole skirt is not only beautiful, but also suitable for wearing at home.Flower sheets and slippers, sexy underwear, camisole skirts or short nighttime skirts, candlelights, all this guarantees the warm and sexy atmosphere at home.


In general, it can be considered that the sexy underwear -visually camisole is one of the most popular sexy underwear.Design elements, matching techniques, and applicable occasions need to be grasped reasonably, so as to show women’s sexy charm and more comfortable and comfortable.I hope this article will be helpful for female friends who like sexy underwear.