Simple drawing of sexy underwear

Simple drawing of sexy underwear

Simple drawing of sexy underwear

1. Sketch bottom

First of all, we need to draw a sketch of sexy underwear.On the paper, the outline of the underwear is simply drawn.This process can use simple sketching skills, such as drawing their basic shapes and lines.

2. Draw the details

Next, we can draw some details of sexy underwear, such as lace, lace, shoulder straps, etc.These details can be described in a way similar to the carefulness of the artist.

Sexy Lace Blindfold – 7681 – 7682 – 7686

3. Drawing materials

After you draw the outline and details of the underwear, you can continue to depict more details, such as the material of the underwear.This can be expressed by drawing some textures or details, such as how the lace and material of this sexy underwear can be depicted.

4. Color selection

Choosing color is also an important step in drawing sexy underwear.You can use color pencils or color pens.But remember, choose the right color so that the sexy underwear looks real and beautiful.

5. Coloring

Before starting color, you need to decide which parts should be light colors, which are dark colors, and which are intermediate colors.You can refer to some pictures or professional painting tutorials to make the color more refined and complementary.

6. Project shadow

Shadow is a very important part of drawing fun underwear.By adding a projection shadow, the underwear can look more real and support the sexy underwear.

7. The difference between pajamas and underwear

Thigh High

There are many differences between pajamas and underwear, so you need to pay attention to these differences when drawing them.Pajamas are usually more loose, and underwear requires more fine details and lines.

8. Focus on handling details

Details are very important when drawing such fun underwear.Like sketching, we need to describe carefully and focus on handling some details, such as: the lace details of this underwear, the depiction of buttons, etc.

9. Highlight the key points

In order to make this sexy underwear more realistic, you also need to do some prominent focus.For example, the breast cup of the underwear should be highlighted on the bottom of ordinary monochrome painting.

10. Complete

Finally, you need to decide when to stop according to your own aesthetics to achieve your imagination and expected results.After you complete this work, you can enjoy a beautiful and sexy sexy underwear painting.


Painting with a fun underwear may look simple, but if you want to draw a truly amazing work, it still takes a lot of effort and time.However, this simple painting method of sexy underwear can give you some guidance and inspiration.I hope these techniques and suggestions can help you succeed in painting love underwear.