Simple erotic underwear production method steps

Simple erotic underwear production method steps

Simple erotic underwear production method steps


Interesting underwear is a type of adult products today. For customers who like to try freshness, sexy underwear is indispensable.This article will provide a simple and easy way to help you make very prominent underwear without the need for vampire -level professional skills.


You need some basic materials to make sexy underwear.You can buy the following materials in any craft store:

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Double -sided glue


Elastic fabric


Jewelry, such as lace, beads, etc.


To make an excellent sexy underwear, you need to tailor it according to your own size.Use a tape measure to easily measure the surroundings of the body and record the measured size.

Design Sketch

Before cutting underwear with scissors and fabrics, you need to draw a design drawing for the entire plan.You can be inspired from pictures, magazines or personal preferences, integrate joy and innovation together to create the most distinctive self.

Sexy Lingerie

Tight fabric

Tighten the fabric on the size to ensure that it is suitable for your body.When the fabric is stable, cut it into the required shape with scissors, while ensuring that the tailored clothes are not sutured.

Use adhesive

Use adhesive to stick the different parts of the fabric together.Make sure that each part is tightly sticky and deal with details one by one.


To make your sexy underwear more prominent, you need to add some accessories such as lace and beads.Add the required jewelry to the clothes and make sure they stick together tightly.

Use double -sided glue

To make the appearance more perfect, you need to use double -sided glue to attach another elastic fabric inside the clothes, which can increase the structural strength of the clothes.

Complete and try on

After all the processes are completed, you need to try on the sexy underwear you made to ensure that your body is suitable for your body. It is perfect in terms of style, color and size.

in conclusion

Making erotic underwear does not necessarily need to learn to design in Los Angeles or Paris, and there is no need to have strong technical capabilities.You can enjoy DIY fun at home with the simple method provided in this article.Just follow the above steps and use the corresponding tools and materials, you can easily make beautiful, innovative and distinctive sexy underwear.