Sister wearing sex underwear

Sister wearing sex underwear

Sister wearing sex underwear

For many people, wearing sex underwear is a challenge and confusion.Especially for those who do not experience, buying and wearing sexy underwear may be a very crazy task.In this article, I will provide readers with some wonderful tips about wearing sexy underwear.These techniques can help readers get rid of some common sexy underwear and let you satisfy your sexy underwear when wearing sexy underwear.

Chest depiction

If you like sexy underwear, including bra, first of all, what you need to know is how to measure your size.Here is a very simple method that can be used to measure your chest size.You only need to measure your lower chest and upper bust, and then subtract your lower bust with your upper bust to get your bust.You can buy a specific size of sexy underwear at most underwear stores.

Understand the size of sexy underwear

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It is important to wear an appropriate sexy underwear.This will ensure that your underwear is closely fitted on your body and will not bring you discomfort.At the same time, it should be noted that because the size standards of different manufacturers may be different, for example, the differences in Asia and Europe and the United States are relatively obvious. Therefore, before buying sexy underwear at high prices, it is necessary to confirm its size standards.

Understand material and thickness

For the material and thickness of sex underwear, you need to consider personal preferences and occasional factors.If it is in the summer, you can choose sexy underwear with thin but ventilation fabric.In cold winter, you can choose thick and warm underwear.

color match

Color is another very important factor when selecting sexy underwear.For those who want to make the skin more healthy, you can choose some light -colored and natural sexy underwear.For those who want to make them look more sexy, they can choose sexy underwear such as black, red, and gold.

Choose a unique style

To ensure that your sexy underwear is unique, you can choose some shops that target personalized needs or let the stores provide you with personal customized services.In this way, you can customize your designs and fabrics to achieve the effect you expect.

Match the overall shape

Sexy underwear is not a separate clothing. It needs to coordinate with the overall shape, so that the overall image is more perfect.With a suitable hairstyle, makeup and accessories, it can better highlight the characteristics and temperament of sexy underwear.

Head Wear

Buy high -quality underwear

For those who want to buy high -quality sexy underwear, you need to choose some well -known brands or buy reliable underwear.Genuine sexy underwear often has better materials, better workmanship, and more suitable for ergonomic design.This can not only ensure your comfort, but also ensure your health.

Confidence and beauty

When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to have a confident attitude and a beautiful self.The purpose of wearing sex underwear is to make you better show your charm and self -confidence, so don’t be shy or hesitant.Put on your erotic underwear, stand in front of the mirror, and give yourself a smile to appreciate your beauty and sexy, which will make you more confident and happier.


Wearing sex underwear is an exciting and interesting thing.It should be noted that for people with few experience, selective sexy underwear will definitely be a challenge.But if you follow the above techniques and choose sexy underwear suitable for you, then you can enjoy a better sexy underwear experience.Remember, put on your sexy underwear to show your confidence and beauty.