Slightly fat and sexy underwear

Slightly fat and sexy underwear

Slightly fat and sexy underwear

In social media, when it comes to sexy underwear, many people will think of very sexy styles. However, some women with a little fat may feel that these sexy underwear is not suitable for them.But in fact, there are many sexy underwear suitable for women who are slightly fat, so that they can feel sexy and confident.Next, I will introduce some sexy underwear suitable for such women.

1. Net lace sexy underwear suit

This set is usually made of mesh -like lace fabric, which can cover the body’s defects well, and can also show the curve of the chest.In addition, there are many different styles such as this sexy underwear suit, including even body models.

2. Mint green sexy lingerie set

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Mint green is very suitable for women with a little fat, because this color can reduce the body’s sense of volume.Choosing a set of mint green sexy underwear suits can make women with full figure look more slender.

3. Three -piece sexy underwear set

The three -piece sexy underwear suit is usually composed of bra, underwear and tulle robe, which can cover the body’s fat waist and thighs well.In addition, the tulle robe of this sexy underwear suit is usually transparent, increasing the sexy level of the body.

4. Knit sexy underwear suit

Knitting sexy underwear suits use soft materials, comfortable and easy to wear, and can adjust the size to adapt to women with different bodies.Compared with his sexy lingerie set, knitted sexy underwear suits are usually more conservative and more suitable for some women who do not want to expose too much skin.

5. Pure color sexy underwear set

Pure -colored sexy underwear suits are monochrome fabrics without pattern or design. Usually black and white are the most popular colors.This sexy underwear suite can hide the deficiencies of the body well, and can also reveal the sexy and self -confidence of women.


This style of sexy underwear is usually made of lace fabric, which can not only support the chest well, but also show the sexy lines of women.The design of the shoulder -free strap can also avoid shoulder pressure and make women more comfortable.

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7. Lace mini stockings

Lace mini socks are a kind of long socks that are usually made of lace fabrics, which can well modify women’s thighs and increase the sexy degree of women.Choose a simple flat shoes or high -heeled shoes to make the entire shape more perfect.

8. Flower Fun Lingerie Set

The floral erotic lingerie set uses fabrics with flowers or other patterns. This design allows women to look more gentle and feminine.This erotic underwear suit is usually suitable for women who want to create a rural style or cute style.

9. Interesting underwear set with vest

The sexy underwear suit with a vest is usually composed of bra and vest -like coats, which can well support the chest and cover up women’s fat abdomen and back.This style of sexy underwear can also create a longer body line for women.

10. Lace strap sex lingerie set

The bras of this sexy underwear suit are usually lace design, which can better support the chest and increase sexuality.This style of sexy underwear suits is suitable for women who want to show their sexy back.

Viewpoint: Women with a little fat can also wear sexy underwear. As long as you choose the right style that suits you, you can feel sexy and confident.