South Korea restricted movie sex lingerie

South Korea restricted movie sex lingerie

South Korea restricted movie sex lingerie

In recent years, more and more sexy underwear scenes have appeared in Korean film and television dramas, which has caused a lot of social controversy.In order to control this trend, the South Korean government has begun to restrict the use of sexy underwear in the film, and this article will discuss this.


In recent years, the Korean film and television industry has become more and more frequent in the use of sexy underwear. Some plots and cameras in some movies and TV series have begun to show sex underwear as a selling point.This trend has aroused many social controversy. Some people think that this is a vulgar and entertaining manifestation, and some people think that this is a normal business behavior.

Policy development

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In order to solve this problem, the South Korean government has recently introduced a new regulation that stipulates that in film and television works such as movies and TV series, it is not allowed to excessively display erotic underwear.


It is understood that this policy will clearly limit the types, color, and styles of erotic underwear in the works, and the specific standards are still being formulated.At the same time, the producer needs to apply for the situation where there are sexy underwear lenses in the work and submit relevant materials for review.


The introduction of this policy will have a certain impact on South Korea’s film and television industry.First of all, some film and television works may not be released or broadcast because they cannot pass the censorship; second, for film and television works that have frequently used sex underwear to promote and marketing, they may need to be re -adjusted and planned.

Social response

This policy has attracted the attention and response of many people. Some people think that this is a scale dispute that the government should respect the freedom and market demand of the creators; while others have exposed lenses and vulgarity in film and television worksThe content expresses concerns and hopes that the government can strengthen management.


We can make some reflection on this issue.First of all, creators and producers should better grasp social ethics and moral bottom lines, and avoid excessive exposure and vulgarity when expressing sex.In case, active intervention and management need to be carried out.


in conclusion

In general, the Korean government has regulated the use of sexy underwear. Although it has been controversial, this is good for the healthy development of the Korean film and television industry and social life.Pay more attention to the bottom line of social morality and law.