Star wearing Bikini sexy underwear video

Star’s bikini sexy lingerie wear

Summer is the best time to wear bikinis, and the bikini with sex underwear has become the most popular trend nowadays.Many celebrities also like to wear such a dress. Let’s look at some stars’ bikini sexy lingerie.

Megan Fox

Meghan Fox is an avant -garde actress, and she can always wear her own characteristics.Last summer, she wore a black bikini with a black erotic underwear, which made people’s heartbeat accelerate.

Kardashian family

When it comes to bikini and sexy underwear, it can be said that the Kardashian family is one of the best players.They often share their sexy dressing on social media, trying all kinds of colors and fabric bikini sexy underwear.

Arisa Dali

Arisa Deli is a model who often tries various styles. She likes to wear a sexy sexy underwear under bikini.

Emma Roberts

When Emma Robert was photographed during a trip, she wore a black bikini with a sexy underwear with orange flowers. This dress was very sporty.


As an actress and model, Jingjia dress has a variety of style. She likes to wear perspective sexy underwear under the bikini, which can make her figure more prominent.


Models always wear various bikini sexy underwear, which is one of their charm as models.They can put on the strange clothes, but they can show their figure confidently.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba wore a dark blue bikini, with a perspective sexy underwear, which is very sexy.

Liu Yan

Liu Yan wore a set of black bikini while swimming, with a black sexy underwear, which looked very noble and elegant.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid can always wear various strange clothes, but this does not hinder her beauty.During a vacation, she wore a purple bikini and a red sexy underwear, which was very popular.

Sara Speccic

As a photographer and model, Sara Specci can always integrate various elements in terms of dressing.She likes to wear a bright sexy underwear under the bikini.

in conclusion

Bikini and sexy underwear are a very sexy thing. Many stars and ordinary people like this way of dressing.But be careful not to be exposed and exposed to the body.

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