Super large sexy underwear

Super large sexy underwear

Super large sexy underwear

In the world of sexy underwear, there are various sizes. From conventional S, M, L, XL to luxurious XXL, these sizes are enough to use most consumers.However, some loose, adjustable, deformable and high -end -breathable sexy underwear can further expand the size to provide better comfort for those who exceed the conventional range.This article will introduce super -large sexy underwear, as well as suggestions for buying and using this type of underwear.

OK to choose

In the world of large sexy underwear, there are various styles. The following are some common designs:

1. Loose type: Loose type is synonymous with comfortable sexy underwear, which can be adjusted appropriately to make it more loose.

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2. Adjustable type: This sexy underwear uses adjustable materials, which can adjust the size according to different needs.

3. Transformation type: This kind of sexy underwear has a deformable design that can be deformed according to different parts of the body. It is not only suitable for more loose people, but also turns different designs into a new product.

4. High -end breathable type: This sexy underwear uses high -end materials and technologies, emphasizes microstatic pore design, and has excellent breathability. It can be worn daily or in bed.

How to choose a super large sexy underwear that suits you

There are several suggestions for the choice of oversized underwear:

1. Understand your size: First of all, you must understand your own circumference size to ensure that the selected oversized underwear matches your body size, which will not be too loose or too tight.

2. Consider materials: Choose comfortable, soft, breathable materials to avoid too irritating and tight.

3. Select the appropriate style: Select the sexy lingerie style that is suitable for you, such as loose, adjustable, deformed type and high -end breathable type to ensure comfort.

How to correctly wear oversized sexy underwear

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Correctly wearing a large sexy underwear is an important factor in maintaining comfort.Here are some points you should pay attention to:

1. Do not stretch underwear: Stretching underwear may damage the outside materials, leading to some unnecessary cracks and wounds.

2. Make sure that the position of the wearing is correct: the strap of the underwear should be wore correctly on the shoulder to avoid moving.

3. Choose the right color: you can choose dark or light, color or solid color, depending on personal taste and occasion.

The cleaning and maintenance of the super large sex underwear

Like other underwear, super -large sexy underwear needs to be cleaned and maintained frequently:

1. Manual cleaning: It is recommended to clean it manually to avoid using washing machines.

2. Choose a mild detergent: Using too strong detergent will damage the material of the underwear.

3. Dry: After drying, let them dry flat to avoid strong sunlight.

Applicable crowd of super large sex lingerie

Super large -scale sexy underwear is more widely used, including obese but inconspicuous crowds, pregnant women, long -term bed or long -term people.


For the sexy underwear market, the launch of super -large sexy underwear is a positive innovation, providing more choices and convenience for consumers who want to have larger size underwear.For those who need it, super -large sexy underwear is a way of lifestyle that allows them to feel more comfortable and confident.