Taiwan’s large -scale sexy underwear show

Taiwan's large -scale sexy underwear show

Taiwan’s large -scale sexy underwear show

Taiwan has always been one of the important places for sex underwear. There are not only many well -known brands, but also many popular models to endorse them.And Taiwan’s sexy underwear show is countless, "large -scale" has become one of its synonym.

Why is large -scale underwear prevailing in Taiwan?

Under the constraints of traditional ideas, Asian women are more conservative in sex, and large -scale sexy underwear is a way to reverse this concept.Taiwan’s large -scale underwear not only provides women with a platform for showing a figure, but also gradually changes the attitude of Asian women to sex, making it more confident and open.

Representative works of Taiwan sex lingerie brands

Fishnet Cut Out Cupless Suspender Bodystocking – 7179

Taiwan’s sexy lingerie brands are full of large -scale underwear with PHOEBE, Funner, Lulu Sculpture and other brands.Charm image.

How is a large -scale underwear show audience?

Large -scale underwear shows often appear on various fashion activities, brand display, stage performances, etc. It is characterized by the sexy performance of the models and the exquisite design of the underwear.Although there are a lot of controversy in large -scale underwear shows, some audiences still believe that this is a way to show women’s charm, beauty and confidence.

The range of sexy underwear prices

There are many different price segments in Taiwan’s sexy underwear brands. The cheapest price is about 1100 yuan in NTD, and the highest price can reach NTD10,000 yuan or more.The price range is large, and customers can choose according to their financial resources and needs.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear

The maintenance of sexy underwear is a necessary condition for maintaining its aesthetics and extending the service life.For underwear of different materials, there are specific maintenance methods, such as patent leather underwear to avoid direct sunlight, avoid scratching, and so on.At the same time, it is best not to use washing machines or dry cleaning to clean underwear.

Size measuring method of sexy underwear

The size of sexy underwear is very important. Different brands of size may have differences, and consumers need to choose according to their actual situation.Usually, the measured parts include bust, waist and hips.Consumers can refer to the size table provided by the brand to choose the right size.

Thigh High

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you should consider it from two aspects.Internal speaking, it is necessary to consider comfort, style and support.From the outside, it is necessary to consider color, material, design and other factors.Consumers can choose the sexy underwear that suits them best according to their own shape and height.

The positive impact of large -scale underwear on the brand

Although large -scale underwear is controversial, it is a positive impact for the brand.Large -scale underwear can not only increase the brand’s popularity, but also increase the brand’s beauty and attention, better convey the brand’s values, characteristics and cultural connotations, bringing more marketing value.

The impact of large -scale underwear on society

The emergence of large -scale underwear has gradually changed the society’s perception of sex, allowing people to gradually get rid of restraint and prejudice, and pursue freedom, personality, fashion and trend.At the same time, the birth of large -scale underwear has also promoted the development of the fun industry, allowing related enterprises in the entire industry chain to gain greater business opportunities and profits, and bring a positive role in promoting economic development.


In general, Taiwan’s large -scale sexy lingerie show is undoubtedly a way of attractiveness, artistic and acting, reflecting the spirit of women’s confidence, bravery and opening up.Under the premise of observing social moral standards and norms, sexy underwear can become a way and means for women to express and show charm.