Taobao application to sell sexual shirts

Preparation before applying for sex underwear

As a seller, the primary task is to open Taobao stores.Before applying for a shop to sell a sexy underwear, you need to make the following preparations:

1. Make sure to have a Taobao account, and the account has passed the real -name authentication at the same time.

2. Prepare the name of the store and logo to ensure that the store name can intuitively tell others the product type you sell.

3. Know the preliminary source channels to ensure the supply of basic products.

Precautions before submitting the application

Before starting the application, the seller needs to confirm whether the time and energy they pay are worth it.At the same time, you need to pay attention to the following:

1. Read the rules of Taobao sellers carefully and operate in accordance with the rules.

2. Make sure the store name and product description do not violate the relevant provisions of Taobao.

3. Special avoidance of selling sexy underwear, such as controlling keywords, avoiding exaggerated product descriptions, paying attention to the details of the picture.

Choosing a good source is the key to success

Source is the key to restricting a long -term success of a store. Good supply channels can not only bring richer product lines, but also bring more reliable after -sales protection.In particular, the quality of the source of the source of sex products needs to be guaranteed.

Only a good shop can have customers turn back

In order to have a stable source of customers, sellers should pay attention to store operations, launch new products on a regular basis and carry out effective marketing and promotion.At the same time, we also need to pay attention to quality issues, deal with after -sales problems in a timely manner, and improve customer satisfaction.

For different customer groups, dig more sales opportunities

The consumer groups in the sexual products market are widely, and the same store needs to meet different needs.Sellers can open different styles of product lines to meet the needs of different customer groups.For example, you can launch cute style of sexy underwear for young women, and to launch retro -style sexy underwear for post -90s.

Promotional activities are an effective way to attract attention

Promotional activities are one of the effective ways to attract customers’ attention.It can attract customers’ attention and enhance the conversion rate of stores through some promotional methods, such as limited time spike, discount promotion, cross -store discounts, etc.

Capture user psychology and strengthen product description

As a special product, buying sexy underwear is often accompanied by some special psychological needs. It needs to be more detailed in product description. By describing various characteristics and benefits to people, it is easier to accept products.

Improve the degree of the aesthetics of the store

For merchants in sexy underwear, the aesthetics of the shop is also very important.By polishing the decoration of the store, improve the aesthetics of the store, it is easier to attract customers’ attention and increase the conversion rate of stores.

Continue to check the missing and supplement, improve after -sales service

After -sales service is often the key to maintaining customer relationships.The seller needs to respond to the various needs of customers in a timely manner, solve various problems of customers, and improve the quality of after -sales service. In order to maintain high -quality customer relationships for a long time, it will eventually bring more stable customer quantities.


In the process of selling fun underwear, sellers need to pay attention to many details, such as clear product description, good after -sales service, guaranteed supply, and continuous promotion of store operations.Key factor.If you can maintain the operation and after -sales service of the store in accordance with the above methods, the seller can have a stable sexy underwear store, get more customers and orders, and the income is stable.

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