Taobao prohibits sexy underwear

The development of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is a kind of women’s clothing with the main purpose of showing and emphasizing the body curve.Its origin can be traced back to ancient times, and its modern version was popularized in the first half of the 20th century.In recent years, with the improvement of society, sexy underwear has been sought after by more and more people.

The prosperity of sexy underwear on the e -commerce platform

With the rise of e -commerce, the sales of sexy underwear on e -commerce platforms such as Taobao are becoming more and more prosperous.From a formal point of view, the sales pages of sexy underwear have been upgraded, riding away bad components such as vulgarity and exposure in the past, and increasingly tending to sexy, romantic and elegant direction.

The reason why Taobao prohibits sexy underwear

Not long ago, Taobao announced that it was forbidden to sell sexy underwear on its platform because it violated the relevant provisions of the Taobao platform.This move caused some controversy.Some people think that this is to protect the healthy growth of minors, and some people think that this is a means for merchants to compete for market share.

Sanitary problems of sexy underwear

For sexy underwear, once wearing it, it becomes the only underwear.If these underwear cannot guarantee hygiene, it may bring some health hazards to users.However, because sexy underwear is a relatively high privacy, its specifications for production, sales and use are not perfect.

The necessity of platform supervision

Taobao’s ban on selling sexy underwear not only means that it must abide by laws and regulations, but also provide consumers with a healthier and safe shopping environment.Although sexy underwear has become a consumer belief and fashion culture, if the platform cannot guarantee their hygiene and security problems, how can you persuade consumers to rest assured to consume?

Impact of sexy lingerie consumption culture

As a consumer culture, sexy underwear has brought a lot of fun and enjoyment to people.The prosperity of the sex underwear market also provides a reasonable consumer channel for the sexual desires contained in the total population, and also promotes consumers’ attention to the field of emotional supplies.

Improve the sanitary standards of sexy underwear

To avoid the sanitary problems of sexy underwear sales, some improvements need to be made in terms of quality.Manufacturers can strengthen the quality testing of raw materials, strictly conduct hygienic disinfection and testing of the production process in accordance with the requirements, and strict quality inspection of the final product to ensure quality and safety.When buying sexy underwear, consumers should choose some shops with high credibility and large scale in urban. At the same time, they also need to start with hygiene aspects and regularly clean and disinfect underwear.

Strengthen the standard management of sexy underwear circulation fields

There are many problems in the links of supply chain, sales channels, dealers, etc., and it is also an important factor affecting the health and stability of the market.Dealers and sales stores in clothes need to work hard to improve employee quality, strengthen business management, and do more public welfare undertakings to improve their sense of social identity.

Promote the sexy underwear industry in combination with new technology

At present, new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, virtual, and augmented reality are continuously developing and applied, which has great potential for the application and promotion of the sexy underwear industry.For example, e -commerce platforms can use big data to analyze users’ shopping attributes and purchase willingness, thereby providing reference for dealers and manufacturers to promote the healthy development of the industry.

Combining the trend of the times, carry forward positive energy

Interest underwear should not be a representative of unhealthy behaviors such as homosexuality and extramarital affairs, but should become a lifestyle that enhances the happy family, promotes the harmony of the couple’s emotional harmony, and even tourism.Therefore, under the premise of legal, civilized and standardized, the sexy underwear industry should strive to carry forward positive, healthy and beautiful energy.

in conclusion

Taobao forbidden to sell sexy underwear is a legitimate and reasonable decision to protect the rights and interests of the Taobao platform.In response to the problem of health problems and poor supervision in the production, sales, and use of sexy underwear, manufacturers, dealers, consumers, and relevant departments should bear their own responsibilities to promote the healthy and healthy development of the industry.

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