Taobao sex underwear evaluation Daquan content

Taobao sex underwear evaluation Daquan

Sexy underwear is a special underwear that has been loved by women in recent years, and there are many types of sexy underwear to choose from on Taobao.However, in the face of a variety of products, it is not easy to buy a suitable sexy underwear for the first buyer.Here are a few types of sexy underwear, and I hope you will help you when buying sexy underwear.

1. Eye Cat Woman Set

Eye mask cat women’s set is a more popular one in Taobao sex underwear shop.Including cat headwear, eye masks, collar, and tails, made of soft materials, comfortable to wear, and the visual effect is also very good.However, it should be noted that if you have a history of allergies, or the fabric requirements are relatively high, it is recommended to choose other types of sexy underwear.

2. Interest stockings

Interest stockings are a classic sexy underwear accessories.Different from ordinary stockings, sex stockings usually have certain visual effects, such as mesh or stripes, and with various decorative elements, such as lace and bow, are very suitable for clothing such as sexy pajamas or vest skirts.But pay attention to the color and material of the clothes, so as not to be too exaggerated.

3. bellyband

The bellyband is not a popular love underwear product that Volkswagen, but it is very practical in some specific situations.For example, it is suitable for summer wearing in summer that is easy to sweat.The bellyband material is usually a fine mesh gauze or lace. If you have a history of allergies to fabrics, it is recommended to choose such products with caution.

4. Three -piece pajamas

Three -piece pajamas are very popular sexy underwear products on Taobao.It consists of two pieces of sexy underwear. At the same time, it is often equipped with stockings, gloves and other items.However, it should be noted that the three -piece pajamas produced by different shops often have different differences, such as size and material, which are not small. When choosing, you need to pay more attention to product description and store evaluation.

5. Interest panties

Sexual underwear is usually designed with good underwear in terms of fabric, procurement, style and color, lace.Natural green tea fiber, silk and other soft materials are made of soft materials, which are more comfortable.In addition, there are many products covered by these underwear. When purchasing, you can choose polyester cotton or silk materials according to your preference.

6. Sexy pajamas

Sexy pajamas are a type of sexy underwear that makes women more beautiful and sexy. It is usually made of see -through material, lace decoration, mesh gauze, stickers and other decorative elements.This type of product is clever and unique in shape. It can also be worn as ordinary pajamas during the day.However, due to the special materials, it is recommended to check the materials carefully before buying to avoid stimulation of the skin.

7. Spoiler leggings

Spoken leggings, also known as "sexy stockings pants", are a sexy underwear product combining stockings and pants.This style integrates the two together to form a unique integrated design. It is noble and delicate, showing women’s sexy and soft personality.However, you also need to pay attention to the selection of materials and style to avoid problems such as sweltering and picking.

8. Gathering underwear

Gathering underwear is characterized by the feminine chest to make the shape of the chest more perfect.This style of underwear is often equipped with deodorizing material, comfortable to wear, and perfectly adds a layer of extreme charm to the sexy of women.

9. Socks series

The socks series of sexy underwear is a good choice when women seeking new and changing, and it is also a reflection of fashionable taste.The sexy underwear series of this style has a strong visual impact and fashion sense, and it is very suitable for skirt matching.

10. Sexy formal

Sexy formal clothes are special types of sexy underwear designed for sexy women.Use in formal occasions or special festivals will make women present a different and charming style.But when choosing, you need to pay special attention to the price and use occasions.

in conclusion

It is difficult and confused to buy sexy underwear, but as long as you pay attention to your preferences and pay attention to basic information such as materials and size, you can easily and enjoy your favorite underwear.

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