The advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear purchase channels

Overview of sexy underwear purchase channels

As a special underwear, sexy underwear is often sold on adult products or on the Internet.For dealers or retailers, it is very important to choose the right purchase channel.In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear purchase channels.

Import agent

Importing agents are a common way of buying underwear.The agent can be responsible for importing sexy underwear from other countries and selling them to local dealers or retailers.The advantage is that it can get unique imported products, and the price and quality are relatively stable.The disadvantage is that it needs to be reviewed by customs and other aspects. The process is relatively cumbersome and the cost is high.

Domestic brand agent

Choosing domestic brand agents can easily get sexy underwear products from well -known domestic brands.And agents usually provide diverse products and services, and the price is lower than the import agent.However, compared with the import agent, the brand agency supply chain is long and will affect the delivery time.

Factory direct sales

Compared with the purchase of the agent, buying directly from the sexy underwear manufacturers can save the profit of the intermediate link, and can better grasp the quality and inventory of the product.The disadvantage is to establish a long -term cooperative relationship with the manufacturer, so the capital required at the beginning is relatively large.

Online store procurement

Online store procurement is currently a more popular method of procurement, especially for retailers.The batch procurement of the network platform can greatly reduce the cost of procurement and convenient and fast.However, due to the asymmetric information of the network, it is necessary to pay close attention to the quality and credibility of the product, otherwise the quality problems and poor service may occur.

Wholesale market procurement

Procurement of wholesale market is a common procurement method for dealers.Generally, all kinds of sexy underwear suppliers can be found in the wholesale market. The price is more transparent and suitable for small -scale operations.However, due to the large demand, the quality of certain products may decline.

Brand Agent Store Purchase

If you want to run domestic brand underwear, the purchase of the brand agency store is also a good choice.This can reduce intermediate links and ensure the quality of the product and after -sales service.However, its purchasing price is relatively high compared to the wholesale market procurement.

Overseas Mall Procurement

For retailers with sufficient purchases, overseas mall purchases are also a good choice.Like Alibaba and JD global purchase, manufacturers can directly provide products worldwide.However, due to overseas logistics problems, the cost of postage and Alipay will be slightly higher.

Local private procurement

If you know some private local purchases, you can directly purchase it through them.This is a convenient way that finding people to purchase directly saves purchasing time and purchasing costs.However, security issues and after -sales service are not as stable as regular channels.

In general

It is very important to choose the appropriate sexy underwear to purchase.Import agents and domestic brand agents are simple and commonly used methods to get sexy underwear.However, at the same time, manufacturers direct sales, online store procurement and wholesale market procurement can make your cost lower.Overseas mall procurement is suitable for retailers with large volume, and local private procurement is suitable for small scale.

Therefore, the method of buying underwear to choose must be measured and selected according to your own actual situation and needs.

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