The boss asked the secretary to wear sexy underwear

Shocking request

Recently, a female secretary (anonymous) revealed to the media the very shocking request of her boss: wearing sexy underwear to work.This requirement is very uncomfortable and embarrassing.

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a sexy underwear, which is usually made of lace, net eye and other materials, and aims to emphasize the sexy charm of women.It is different from ordinary underwear and has more decoration and design.

What is the intention of the boss?

The female secretary found that her boss gave her the reason for this request was very suspicious.She believes that he may abuse his power and sexually harass her in the workplace.

Inappropriate request

Such requirements are completely inappropriate in the workplace.The boss should respect the privacy and dignity of employees, rather than playing them as items.

Sexual harassment is not tolerated

Sexual harassment is an open problem and has received widespread attention through various platforms.The boss’s behavior is very uncomfortable and embarrassing to a woman, and it is also unbearable.

What should I do to deal with this situation?

Female secretaries need help and support.She should report her boss’s behavior to the management or the labor and management committee on the premise of not being afraid of revenge in order to take appropriate corrective measures.


The company should take preventive measures to ensure that employees will not be sexually harassed, including organizing training courses to enhance employees ‘awareness, formulating clear policies to manage employees’ behavior and guide employees how to deal with harassment incidents.

Workplace equality and respect

We need a workplace environment, and everyone is treated equally and respected.This means that we need to seriously treat gender issues, take measures to eliminate gender discrimination and harassment, protect the dignity and rights of employees, and create a safe and fair working environment for employees.

in conclusion

This incident reminds us that we need to pay attention to and solve the problem of sexual harassment.We need to establish a workplace environment to support employees to report sexual harassment or other improper behaviors in order to take appropriate measures to solve these problems.We need to create a safe and fair working environment for everyone. Everyone can use their greatest potential without having to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

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