The company asked me to take sexy underwear photos

Background introduction

As a photographer, I have taken various types of photos, but it was not until the company asked me to take photos of sexy underwear that I really learned the complexity of this market.Although I had some understanding of erotic underwear before, in actual operation, I really realized why sexy underwear is so important for women.

Choose the right style

Many people think that only sexy styles are sexy underwear, but this is not actually the case.Some women prefer less exposed styles, and some women are very picky about patterns and colors.Therefore, we need to investigate the tastes and preferences of customers, and tailor them for their appropriate styles.

Use appropriate materials

Some people may think that the material of sexy underwear is not important, but this is not the case.It is easy to wear uncomfortable erotic underwear with bad materials, and it will also be damaged during washing.Therefore, choosing the right material is very important for the quality and comfort of sexy underwear.

Consider the needs of customers

There are many types and styles of sexy underwear, so we must consider the needs of customers when shooting.Young women may prefer stylish and sexy styles, and older women may prefer comfortable and practical styles.Therefore, we must customize different types of sexy underwear based on different ages and different types of customers.

Consider different scenarios

Interest underwear may appear in various scenarios, such as Valentine’s Day and Honeymoon Travel.Therefore, when shooting sexy underwear, we need to consider what scenarios may wear this underwear in which scenarios to choose the style that meets the occasion.

Focus on display details

The design of sexy underwear is generally very complicated, so the details must be displayed when shooting.This not only helps explain the design advantages of the underwear, but also improves customers’ purchase decisions.At the same time, clever details can also add some creative elements to sexy underwear.

Pay attention to light and background

Different from fashion photography, sexy underwear photography requires soft light and simple background, which can make sexy underwear more prominent.At the same time, pay attention to the choice of shooting angle and lens, which can increase the three -dimensional sense of sex underwear.

Respect the customer

When shooting sexy underwear, we must respect customers and pay attention to protecting customers’ privacy.This means that the model of the model must be dealt with and the face of the model without exposing the model.At the same time, when processing and storing photos, we must also strictly abide by relevant security and privacy agreements.


There are many factors to take photos of sexy underwear, including styles, materials, customer needs, scenes, details, details, light, background and respect for customers.I will continue to learn and understand this market to provide better shooting services.

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