The cost of opening a sexy lingerie Taobao store

The cost of opening a sexy lingerie Taobao store

At the beginning of the 20th century, women’s underwear gradually showed multiple styles, which became a part of fashion.Now, sexy underwear is a representative of sexy vitality.It is a good choice to open a sexy lingerie Taobao shop.However, entrepreneurship requires costs.Below we will explain the cost of opening a fun underwear Taobao store.

1. Store rent

Whether it is a physical store or a Taobao store, store rent is essential.It is relatively cheaper than physical stores, but it cannot be underestimated.

2. Purchase fee for goods

To open a Taobao shop, buying goods is essential.When purchasing goods, you must choose a good source and find the balance of price and quality. It is guaranteed that the negotiation price can be achieved in terms of funding pressure, and at the same time, the style and quality are not ignored.

3. Transportation cost

After the goods are shipped, they need to pay the corresponding courier costs. In this regard, the situation will be very different because of express delivery.Take sex underwear as an example. Generally, you can only choose a courier company due to qualifications. The cost is relatively high. If you do the seller, the round -trip freight is paid by yourself.

4. Design cost

Whether the shop decoration in Taobao stores is very important to have personality, which requires the decoration and design of Taobao stores.So here we need to spend a lot of energy and funds.If your own craft is good, it is recommended to DIY or find some designers with relatively low prices.

5. Platform expenses

To open Taobao stores, it is necessary to pay the annual certification fee of RMB 600. Only after the certification fee is paid, the store can be opened.In addition, Alipay and operating costs are also essential.

6. Advertising expenses

An old talk, advertising is an important part of the brand, which has received the attention of customers, and is recognized by more people, so it must be advertised.You can also spend time learning SEO and online marketing.

7. Artificial cost

In Taobao’s business, everyone will become your most precious competitiveness.Employed employees can consider it in various aspects.In addition to digging more talents, it also needs to spend the cost of social security, wages, and performance bonuses.

8. Inventory occupation funds

Risk is unavoidable in operation, especially in the business market.For Taobao stores, there is a certain risk of occupying funds. The requirements for warehousing and storage are high, and there is a certain risk of product backlog.Only when the backlog of inventory is not too much during the sales process can these risks be controlled.

9. Tax expenses

The tax issues involved in entrepreneurship are more severe. Each Taobao store needs to submit a tax declaration form, apply for VAT invoices, deduct taxable income, and other tax issues.

10. After -sales service fee

After -sales service is also very important, and things such as returns or repairs may occur, which requires the corresponding cost.


With the above explanation, the cost of creating Taobao sex underwear stores will be much higher than you expected.Here, I want to give entrepreneurs a few suggestions.First of all, choose the source of good goods and the seller will be as good as possible while trying as much as possible to avoid waste.Secondly, take the boutique route and eliminate some bad products in exchange for reputation and loyalty.Finally, we must take a variety of means to create Taobao sex underwear shops.

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