The couple wear sexy lingerie together

1 Introduction

Wearing erotic underwear can make sex life more exciting and interesting.Wearing sexy underwear between husband and wife can enhance the emotion and interaction between each other.For novices, wearing erotic underwear may have some challenges.Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the methods and techniques of the couple to wear sexy underwear together.

2. Select together

Before the couple wears a sexy underwear together, it is best to choose the right underwear together.This can not only make the two sides feel comfortable and satisfied, but also help the two parties understand each other’s preferences and hobbies more deeply.

3. Determine style

There are many different types of sexy underwear, some are more ladylike, and some are more sexy.When choosing, the couple should consider each other’s personal preferences and styles.In addition, the style and color of the underwear must also take into account the personal shape and complexion.

4. Understand the size

It is important to choose the right size.If you buy too large underwear, you will look too large and affect sexy.If the size is too small, it will look too tight and uncomfortable.It is recommended that the couple trial together to ensure the purchase of the size and style that suits them.

5. Preparation

Before starting to play sexy underwear, the couple need some preparations.While increasing interest, you should also pay attention to whether the tools such as toys and bandages are fully cleaned to avoid infection with diseases and bacteria.

6. Dressing method

The correct way of dressing can not only make the two sides feel more sexy and interesting, but also enhance sexual stimuli.If the woman is wearing a sexy underwear, the man should take off herself and let the woman wear sexy underwear on herself.If the man is wearing a sexy underwear, the woman can kiss or lick the man’s body first, and then help wearing sexy underwear.

7. Stimulate emotions

Whether it is kissing, hugs, or touching gently, it can inspire the emotions of the couple.The sensory system of the human body is very sensitive, and the subtle feelings can become double stimulus under the blessing of sexy underwear.

8. In -depth interaction

Once both the couple put on sexy underwear, the next step is further interaction.The couple can adopt various postures and methods to stimulate each other’s lust and sexual passion.You can also use sex props such as sex toys to enhance sexual life experience.

9. Clean maintenance

Once the sexual activity is over, cleaning and maintenance can start.Interest underwear is not as easy to clean like ordinary underwear. It needs to be cleaned with warm water and washing solution, and then dry.

10. Summary

Wearing sexy underwear can bring happiness and stimulation, but you need to trust each other psychologically and physical.Before trying, the couple should communicate to understand whether the other party is willing to try.And when wearing sexy underwear in practice, you should also pay attention to some hygiene and safety issues to avoid affecting the body.

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