The difference between two cloths in sex underwear

The difference between two cloths in sex underwear


Interesting underwear is a very popular type of women’s private items. In addition to the design design, different sexy lingerie materials and two cloth styles are one of the decisive factor, and many people are not very different about the two cloths of sexy underwear.Understand, let’s introduce this topic in detail.

Common style

Common sexy underwear includes various types of G-String, T-shaped pants, briefs, and flat trousers. The biggest difference comes from materials such as underwear cloth, French underwear, lace underwear, etc. At the same time, the design of two cloths is also different.Let’s explain it.

G-String VS T-pants

G-String and T-shaped pants are two very common sexy lingerie styles. The biggest difference between them is the size of the independent belt and the lower triangle.The belt is wider, with a larger triangle below the hips.

Broken trousers vs flat corner pants

The briefs and horn pants are mainly distinguished from the fabric and style. The briefs are generally made of lace and other materials. The belts and two cloth are all triangular, while the flat trousers are made of simple cotton fabrics, belts and two cloth cloths.Both are rectangular, and compared to the plain pants are more suitable for daily wear, briefs are more sexy and hot.


The use of lace materials is an important way to make sexy underwear more sexy, and there are many different styles on lace. A cloth lace underwear usually uses full lace fabrics, while the double -bake underwear is generally applied to two.On the cloth.

Pants design

In the design of sexy underwear, in addition to the conventional triangle and rectangular shape, there are also hotte T pants design and blessing pants.There will be more changes in design.

creative design

Creative design is a means that many brands will use, such as suture two cloths into one triangle, misaligned the two cloths, etc. These creative designs can not only improve the beauty of sexy underwear, but also highlight the brand differences, attract moreConsumers buy.

The advantages and disadvantages of two cloths

The sexy underwear of the two cloths is more breathable and comfortable for the sexy underwear of one cloth, but in contrast, the design of the two cloths will be easier to slide and shift, and you need to be cautious when you wear.

Select according to different occasions

Choosing different types of sexy underwear on different occasions can also allow you to achieve different effects on different occasions. For exampleSimple styles such as flat corner pants.

in conclusion

In general, although the two cloth design of sexy underwear is simple, it has a vital role in the beauty and comfort of the entire underwear. Different two cloth design methods, different materials and styles will give the entire sexy underwear straps to the entire sexy underwear belt belt.Come to different visual aesthetics and comfort, so you need to choose reasonably according to your body, occasion and wearing needs when buying.

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