The dirty female lead wearing a sexy underwear

The dirty female lead wearing a sexy underwear

Right now, the concept of "pollution" has been widely known.In some online novels, there are often plots that are very explicit and detailed.Among these plots, the heroine wearing sexy underwear is also very common.So why do these heroines wear sexy underwear?Below, we will discuss this issue from a few different perspectives.

Introduction: The erotic underwear in the pollution novel

In pollution novels, the heroine wearing sex underwear is common.They have very different personalities and independence ideas, making them play an important role in the culture of pollution.They put on sexy underwear, perhaps to express some sexy or to pursue some kind of freedom.Let’s take a look at them together …

Paragraph first: definition of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special underwear for sex games and sex.Generally, sexy underwear is complete. The system includes underwear, underwear, socks, and other sexy toys for users to be colorful in sex or sexual performance.Putting on sexy underwear can make people relax and pursue a distinctive feeling experience.

Section 2: Sexy endorsement

The biggest benefit of wearing a sexy lingerie is that people feel very sexy.Some sexy dirty heroines often wear sexy underwear to show their charm.The style and shape of the sexy underwear on them are often very novel and special, making people have great visual impact when reading.

Third paragraph: Break of gender characters

The wearing of sexy underwear also breaks the solidification of gender characters.The heroine wears sexy underwear, which not only matches the aesthetics of men, but also shows the charm and superiority of the female body, making the heroine more confident and comfortable.

Paragraph 4: Reinforcement of sexy underwear

Selecting sexy underwear, men can also play their sexy charm.Some actors also choose to wear sexy underwear to show their sexy.They will wear these underwear in sex, which can not only strengthen the gender characteristics of the character, but also add a lot of interest to the process of sex.

Fifth paragraph: the reverie space that increases interest

Interesting underwear is very particular about wearing, it is necessary to consider both sexy and convenient sex.Some of the heroines in the pollution, choose to wear some unique sexy underwear to increase the imagination space of interest and bring stronger sexual stimuli to the actor.

Section 6: Catalyst for rendering atmosphere

Interest underwear can give sex games or sexual performance a new sense and passion, thereby rendering a very affectionate atmosphere.For gamers with sex performances, such an atmosphere is more likely to bring sensory stimuli and fun.

Seventh paragraph: the mood dial

Putting on a sexy underwear can create a romantic and sentimental atmosphere.In the process of wearing sexy underwear, some heroines are not just for sexy effects, but to reflect the interesting of fun.

Eighth paragraph: freedom and liberation

In the pollution novels, many female protagonists wear sexy underwear, not only to pursue sexy performance, but also to show their own freedom and liberation personality charm.In these plots, wearing erotic underwear has become a symbol of sexual and strong sex of the heroine.

Conclusion: Interest underwear is a solid support in sex, which can increase the user’s taste and sexual interest.In the pollution novels, the wearing of sexy underwear makes readers feel the independence and special charm of personality.

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