The largest sexy underwear factory recruitment in China

Recruitment situation

The largest domestic sexy underwear factory is recruiting, and all kinds of talents are welcome to join our team.As a professional sexy underwear manufacturer, we have been committed to providing high -quality sexy underwear products and services. We need more talented and creative people to build our future success.


We provide a variety of positions covering the fields of production, sales, design and marketing.The workflow is very standardized, providing employees with a good working environment, excellent salary and complete welfare mechanism, so that employees can achieve self -worth on a stable salary.

job requirements

Regardless of your professional background, as long as you are full of vitality, creativity, communication ability, enthusiasm and responsibility, you will have the opportunity to join our team.Special focus on sales, marketing, design and other positions pay special attention to team spirit, self -expression and communication skills.For the production department, a certain work experience is an extra score.

Understand the company

We are a sexual underwear manufacturer that has been established for many years. We have advanced production lines, strict quality systems and professional team management systems.Our products are selling well throughout the country and passed many national certifications to obtain a large number of customers’ trust and appreciation.

working environment

The company’s office area is spacious and bright, equipped with complete working facilities and supporting equipment.The company focuses on the training and growth of employees. It has professional mentors and trainers to help employees improve their skills and abilities, provide comprehensive professional development channels and promotion opportunities.


The company provides employees with complete benefits, including basic benefits such as five insurances and one fund, housing provident fund, as well as additional benefits such as health insurance, paid annual leave, festival benefits, and bonuses at the end of the year.Let employees work more quality living security after work.


The salary level is based on factors such as employees’ positions, work experience, and work performance.We provide a strong salary and provide a solid foundation for employees’ excellence.

Application method

Interested parties, please send your resume to our recruitment email, or contact our human resources department.We will screen and reply to your resume as soon as possible, and arrange interview time.

Company Culture

The company is people -oriented, advocating teamwork and innovation spirit.We are committed to becoming a sexy underwear brand with temperature, care, and quality, and provide the best products and services to consumers.

in conclusion

If you are looking for a work with a challenge, future, and development, the largest sexy underwear manufacturer in China is definitely a choice you must not miss.Join our team to create a better future!

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