The most shameful erotic underwear novel collection

The most shameful erotic underwear novel collection

1. Opening Ferry

Interesting underwear, as the name suggests, is a special costume used to add fun, usually wear on the bed, or when you want to show your sexy.Interest underwear is different from ordinary underwear. It has a lot of tricks and shapes, full of mystery and charm.Below, we will recommend the most shameful sexy underwear novels for you, completely satisfying your curiosity about sexy underwear.

2. The happy life of "dog chain" sexy underwear

The heroine wore a set of black high -quality leather "dog chain" sexy underwear, and her boyfriend T had just stretched out from her hand.T pinched her nipples and reached her on the wall.Her arm was bound by the "dog chain", and she was forced to keep her body posture.She was very comfortable by T to play.

3. Create a perfect figure "tight sexy underwear"

This story tells that after a fierce exercise of a successful woman, she began to wear a tight -bodied underwear to show her perfect figure.She walked through the street, causing everyone’s eyes, but she didn’t care about those eye -catching eyes, because she felt very confident and beautiful.

4. The magical experience of "uniform sexy underwear"

The heroine of this sexy underwear story is a teacher. She was introduced by a friend to put on a "uniform sex underwear" by a friend at a party.When she returned to the classroom, her feeling seemed to have gained fresh power, and she realized that a unique and sexy temperament must have what a teacher must have.Next, her students became more respectful and awe her.

5. How to choose a set of "perfect erotic underwear"?

There is no heroine in this story, but it presents you a must -have for choosing perfection underwear.It tells key factors, such as styles, size, materials, prices, and occasions.If you want to try sexy underwear, then this story will help you.

6. "Unique style" sexual emotional interest underwear headline

Many people will ask, what kind of sexy underwear is in line with my style and personality?This story will answer this question.Several types of sexy underwear you will know include: swimwear -type sexy underwear, college style sexy lingerie, underwear suits, long -sleeved erotic underwear, and more.

7. The charming logo of "Marine" sexy underwear

This story tells that after a woman wearing a mermaid underwear similar to a mermaid, she attracted the attention of everyone, even jealous.Because of her unique style and confidence, she looks more charming and mysterious.

8. "Leopard" erotic waves caused by sexy underwear

This story teaches you how to create some passion in the bedroom.In the story, the heroine put on a leopard and sexy underwear. Her boyfriend was knocked down by her charm and praised her beauty and sexy.They spent a period of enthusiasm.

9. "fluorescent color" sexy underwear shining moment

This story is very vitality and vitality. It tells that a folk dancer puts on a fluorescent pornographic underwear, and her movement becomes more accurate and shocking.Whether in the dance floor or at home, she can always attract everyone’s attention like a lighthouse.

10. Talking "Wharf Girl" sexy underwear

The creativity of sexy underwear is always dizzy.This story tells the heroine wearing a talk "Wharf Girl" sexy underwear.Her gradual change was surprising, and her keys decoration made her look very interesting.Her boyfriend was surprised, and he found that he became happier and happy.


Interest underwear is a special costume that makes people excited and curious. It has created a new experience and new adventure for us, which has given us a more in -depth understanding and discovering the true fun of sex.Therefore, in order to enjoy more gifts, please taste the most shameful sexy underwear novel recommended by this article.

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