The sexy underwear hidden by the boy was found

The sexy underwear hidden by the boy was found

Sexy underwear is no longer exclusive to women, and more and more men are beginning to realize the charm of sexy underwear.But for most men, buying sexy underwear is still a little shy and embarrassed.However, this does not prevent them from enjoying the sexy and teasing experience.Some men also choose to hide their sexy lingerie, such as in wardrobes, bedside table drawers, and luggage carried by them.However, when their sexy underwear was discovered by their girlfriends, wives or lover, they might be embarrassed.This article will give solutions and suggestions about men’s sexy underwear.

1. Believe in your partner

When your partner finds your sexy underwear, there may be different reactions.Some people may find it interesting, and some may be surprised or shocked.Regardless of their reactions, you need to believe that your partner loves you, they are just curious about this new discovery or considering how to make you feel better.Therefore, don’t feel shy or embarrassed, and don’t complain or debate.

2. To communicate better

In addition to trusting your partner, it is also important to communicate better.First of all, you need to tell them that these sexy underwear is not to deceive or conceal anything.You just want to try something new.Secondly, you need to talk to them about what you want to try, such as wearing sexy underwear, imitating role -playing, etc., you can also listen to their opinions and suggestions.Finally, you can make some rules and plans that you are satisfied with.

3. Accepting partners’ opinions

When you communicate with your partner, you may hear some comments that you may not like.For example, they may tell you that this is not what they like, or they have more interest on the other hand.At this time you need to accept their opinions frankly and respect their feelings.After all, sex is an experience shared by both parties. To make both people happy, more compromise and understanding is needed.

4. Mutual respect

Because men wearing erotic underwear are easily considered a strange behavior, but your partner was initially because he liked you to be with you, so you still have to respect each other’s choice and your own rights.Therefore, don’t force your partner, and don’t be controlled by their opinions.Be yourself, just enjoy sexy.

5. Explore together

If your partner is very interested in sexy underwear, you can explore this new field together.First choose some styles that both sides are interested in, and then choose the one that suits them and the other half from it.Whether thinking about her in sexy underwear or wanting to buy sexy clothing for her, this is a fresh and exciting experience.At the same time, don’t limit your partners. If the styles they want to try are not suitable for you, they must also support and encourage.

6. Grasp the timing of attempt

If you are the first time you try sexy underwear, it is recommended to do it in a private place and the space of two people to ensure that you feel the most natural and comfortable.Open occasions can be considered later, because there will be different perceptions and atmospheres on different occasions.

7. Choose the right style

Different people have different aesthetics and preferences.If you are buying sexy lingerie for the first time, it is recommended to buy classic and simple styles, such as sexy underwear, perspective T -shirt, etc.If you already have some experience and confidence, you can challenge some bolders, such as lace jackets, net socks, leather clothes, etc.

8. Buy the right size

The size of the sexy underwear will be different from the traditional underwear size. Therefore, it is recommended to see the size table when buying to avoid buying incorrect sizes and inappropriate styles.In addition, do not buy too tight and loose sexy underwear, choose the right size to ensure the effect and comfort.

9. Storage and cleaning

Sex underwear needs to pay special attention to storage and cleaning.When not wearing, it is recommended to store sex underwear alone to avoid damage or confusion.When cleaning, follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions to avoid using detergents containing bleach, hand washing is the best choice.

10. Summary

It is not surprising that boys wear sexy underwear. It is a healthy choice in love and sex and trying new things.However, we need to respect the choice of partners, understand and support each other.In addition, you need to consider carefully to buy and wear sexy underwear to avoid embarrassment and discomfort.I hope that this article will help you and guide the choice and purchase of sexy underwear and purchase more experiences and experiences.

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