Three -level sex lingerie unpaid code


As a sexy, imaginative, irritating special costume, sexy underwear is becoming more and more sought after by the public.The emergence of third -level erotic underwear has attracted widespread attention.This article will make a comprehensive introduction to the third -level sexy underwear, including definition, type, method, maintenance, etc.

The definition of third -level erotic underwear uncoded

Third -level sexy underwear has no code, referred to as San -free underwear, refers to sex underwear that does not have product qualification permits, no production date, and no factory number.This underwear is usually produced by some small workshops, retail factories, and unlicensed manufacturers. It has not passed national certification and is illegal production and illegal sales.Due to no odor, poor quality, and allergies, some merchants are sold as low -cost speculative products to customers who do not know how to wear and maintain.

Three -level sexy underwear uncoded types

There are many types of third -level erotic underwear, including various materials, models, accessories, and even well -known brand products with imitation version.However, the quality of the third -level erotic underwear is not guaranteed, so it is very dangerous to use, so it is not recommended to buy and use.

Three -level erotic underwear uncodic hazards

The third -level sexy underwear has not been detected by quality, and contains a variety of harmful chemicals, which has greatly threatened human health.Such as: allergies, contact dermatitis, itching uncomfortable.In use, various adverse consequences, such as: allergic reactions, blood infections, bacterial infections, and so on.Even some excessive irritating design can cause serious physical damage.

How to use third -level sexy underwear uncoded

Three -level sexy underwear cannot be directly exposed to the skin. It must be added with some skin -friendly items, such as: cotton underwear, stockings, silk shawls or cotton quet to reduce the harm to the skin.Clean underwear before use and maintain hygiene. It is recommended to seek advice and guidance from professionals before purchasing.

Three -level sex underwear uncoded maintenance

Third -level sexy underwear cannot be cleaned and disinfected normally, and you need to pay attention to maintenance.After use, it should be cleaned immediately. It is recommended to use water with temperature above 80 degrees Celsius to clean it, and it is treated with appropriate disinfectants.Place it in a ventilated and dry place to avoid direct sunlight and avoid drying and ironing.

Three -level erotic underwear uncoded alternative

Because the third -level sexy underwear has hidden dangers of hygiene, it is not recommended to use it. You can choose a legal and compliant sexy underwear substitute.Such as: brand sexy underwear, medical -level sexy underwear, etc. These sexy underwear do not harm physical health.

Three -level sexy underwear uncoded purchase channels

Three -level erotic underwear has some channels such as hawkers, illegal network merchants, and independent stalls. The price may be much cheaper than the legal and compliant sexy underwear.However, the quality of this sexy underwear may cause harm to the body.It is recommended to purchase legal and compliant sexy underwear through regular sales channels, brand sales websites, etc.

Three -level erotic underwear uncoded view

In today’s promotion of health, civilization, and fashion, the illegal and harmful commodities such as third -level sexy underwear should not exist in the market.We should pay more attention to our health and purchase secure sexy underwear from regular and legal channels.At the same time, the regulatory authorities should increase the punishment of the third -level sexy underwear to protect consumers’ rights and interests.

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