Three o’clock one -line sex lingerie picture lace lace

Learn about three o’clock and one -line sexy underwear

At three o’clock, sexy underwear is a delicate and sexy underwear style.Unlike other underwear, it only has three points and one line to form, so it is called three -point sexy underwear.

Three -point part

Three points usually refer to two cups and a bottom.These parts are usually made of lace or other linen materials, which are very soft and comfortable.Sexy eye socket hollow and detail make underwear more attractive.

a line

A line generally refers to the shelf, that is, supporting cups and band connected on both sides.Some designs will also add details such as suspenders to enrich the design of this line.The material of the shelf can be made of satin, lace and other materials.

Different types of three -point one -line sexy underwear

There are many different types of sexy underwear for three o’clock.I will introduce the most popular one of them.

classic style

Classic styles are the simplest and most basic styles.They are usually made of black satin or lace.This type of three -point one -line erotic underwear is suitable for various occasions, such as a romantic night.

Open style

This type of three -point one -line erotic underwear usually has a opening in the crotch part to make it more sexy.The opening can be a fine seam or a narrow triangle, allowing the wearer and admiring to enjoy special stimuli.

Tight -fitting

This type of three -point one -line sex underwear is a tight -fitting model.It is made of lace and other linen materials, which is very suitable for thin women.The tight design can also make the figure of the wearer more slender and more sexy.

Transparent style

This type of three -point one -line sex underwear uses transparent lace or other linen materials to create the effect of fantasy.Most of their design is very unique, and they can display the body curve of the wearer in detail, making them feel more confident and sexy.


This type of three -point one -line sex lingerie is often made of lace lace, and usually has a lace design in the chest and crotch position.This design makes the underwear more feminine, and it can also provide additional support for the chest.

Three o’clock one -line sexy underwear dress suggestion

At three o’clock, sexy underwear is a very sexy underwear style.In order to wear better, in the following content, we share some suggestions:

Choose comfortable fabrics and size

When choosing a three -point sexy underwear, priority is given to the comfort.It is necessary to ensure that the size and fabric are appropriate.Too tight or too loose is not conducive to the display of figure.

With letter inventory style

Whether it is recommended to a partner in public, the combination of sexy underwear at three o’clock is very important.You can choose the letters inventory style to achieve better results.This can make the underwear display more colorful.


In general, three o’clock and one -line erotic underwear is a sexy and delicate underwear style.There are many different types and styles to choose from.When choosing, wearing, and matching, you need to pay attention to your body and preferences.Three points and one -line sexy underwear that is suitable for you is a goal worth pursuing.

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