Three o’clock open stalls sexy underwear

Three o’clock open stalls sexy underwear

There are many types of erotic underwear, and the more popular one is the three -point opening of sexy underwear.This underwear is more practical while sexy, making the sex life more colorful.Let’s take a closer look at the types and characteristics of three -point opening and sexy underwear.

Style 1: Lace three -point opening underwear

Lace is a common material of sexy underwear. The three -point opening lace underwear is full of women’s unique charm and softness.The design of this underwear is unique, which can quickly solve the needs of couples in sex life, thereby adding more fun.

Style 2: Three -point opening underwear decorated with ring decoration

Three -point opening underwear with ring decoration is more sexy, because the existence of ring decoration can better set off the full body of women and make the fun life more perfect.In addition, underwear decorated with ring has a certain restraint, allowing women to achieve a gentle and delicate sexy state.

Style 3: Garma three -point opening underwear

Due to the unique design of the mesh underwear, it is favored by many women because of its unique design.The transparent mesh can show the body curve of women to the fullest and greatly improve the sexuality.At the same time, the design of the three -point opening file makes sex easier. While enjoying fun, it reduces unnecessary embarrassment and burden.

Style 4: striped three -point opening underwear

The three -point opening underwear in stripes usually uses black and white classic matching, making people feel elegant without losing sexy.The design of the underwear is very simple and comfortable. Whether it is wearing or taking it off, it can make people feel comfortable.

Style 5: Leather three -point opening underwear

Leather is another iconic material of sex underwear. The three -point opening underwear design of the leather is unique, which can better set off women’s sexy temperament.In addition, the personal leather material can better stimulate men’s sexual desire and increase the fun of fun life.


When wearing a three -point opening underwear, you need to pay attention to many details.The first is to choose the size of the size of your own, especially the size at the three -point opening.The second is to match the appropriate beautiful leg socks or high heels.These accessories can improve the overall sexy temperament.


Although sexy underwear does not need to be cleaned frequently as daily clothes, it still needs some maintenance and cleaning.It is recommended to use hand washing, warm water, and avoid using a washing machine.After washing, dry it, and do not use the direct sunlight to dry.


Although the three -point opening of the gear, although it brings us a better sexual life experience, we need to pay attention to protecting our privacy and security.When buying, you must go to a regular sexual product store to avoid buying fake and inferior sexy underwear, resulting in unnecessary losses.

Suitable occasion

Three -point opening of sexy underwear is generally suitable for sex life or party parties such as couples.Note that you cannot wear in family, public places or work occasions to avoid unnecessary trouble and embarrassment to others.

Show your own charm

At three o’clock, the sexy underwear has both sexy and takes into account the practicality, making the fun life more perfect.Wearing suitable sexy underwear can show your charm and add fun and fun of sex life.

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