Top French sexy underwear

Origin of French erotic underwear

France has always been known for its fashionable culture. It has traditionally made handicrafts and textiles to become the world’s leaders.The history of French sex lingerie can be traced back to the 19th century. At that time, some manufacturers began to make gorgeous and exquisite underwear to show women’s beauty and charming.

Features of French erotic underwear

French erotic underwear is famous for its excellent craftsmanship and high -end fabrics, making them very expensive.These underwear often have unique design and gorgeous details, and they are also very comfortable, both practical and sexy.

French sex lingerie style

The style of French sex lingerie includes a variety of different bras, underwear, suspenders and jackets.Among them, the most popular styles include vest bra, triangular bra, lace bra, and sexy suspenders.

French erotic underwear fabric

French erotic underwear is very advanced, including silk, lace, knitted fabrics and special artificial fabrics.These fabrics are very soft and comfortable, and their gloss is very high, which is very suitable for showing women’s graceful figure.

Customization of French erotic underwear

Customizing French sexy underwear is a very expensive luxury experience, because it takes a lot of time and energy to customize a lingerie that is most suitable for customers.This usually involves fine measurement and customization, and repeatedly tried and adjusted throughout the production process.

Adaptability of French sex lingerie

Although French sexy underwear is often regarded as a special underwear that is especially suitable for small breasts, they are also suitable for the size of various body shapes and breasts.These underwear have different styles and shapes, which can meet various needs and body shapes.

French sex lingerie maintenance

Because French sexy underwear uses high -level fabrics and crafts, special maintenance needs to be carried out.It is recommended to wash it, use professional detergents, and keep it breathable to avoid exposure or use the dryer.

French sex lingerie price

Because of the use of high -quality materials and complex craftsmanship, French sex lingerie is very expensive.A top French sexy underwear may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Select French sex lingerie brand

Here are some noticeable French erotic underwear brands:

Agent Provocateur


Lise Charmel


Conclusion of French erotic underwear

French erotic underwear is famous for its noble quality and unique design. Its price is expensive but worthy of it.No matter what style you need, French sexy underwear is definitely a very good choice for those who pursue elegance and taste.

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