Torture women’s sexy underwear atlas

Introduction: What is the sexy underwear of a woman?

Interest underwear can not only make women more sexy, but also enhance the taste of husband and wife.However, some sexy underwear is designed too much and can even threaten women’s health.Let’s take a look at the sexy underwear at that torture women.

1. Handcuffs and sexy underwear

The design of handcuffs and sexy underwear looks very interesting, but after wearing it, the woman’s hand will be restrained, which will even cause some unnecessary harm.In addition, handcuffs and sexy underwear in sex may also increase hidden safety hazards.

2. Big breasts sexy underwear

Many women hope to have a fuller chest, so many sexy underwear design often emphasizes the "lift -up" function.However, the design of some big breasts sexy underwear is too exaggerated, not only not beautiful, but also too much restraint may cause damage to chest health.

3. Delosal head sexy underwear

The sexy underwear is usually exquisite lace or lace design, which looks very sexy, but it is easily stimulated and prone to virus after exposing the nipples.In addition, wearing a nipple’s sexy underwear can also cause trouble for others.

4. Tongue sexy dress

Tongue sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that imitates human tongue design, which looks very explicit.However, the slender tongue material is likely to stimulate women’s sensitive areas, and it is inconvenient to clean, and it is easy to breed the pathogenic bacteria.

5. Interesting sheets

The design of many sexy underwear is too much embrace. Over time, wearing may cause poor sweating, which breeds bacteria.In addition, there are too many bondage of some personal sexy underwear, which can easily cause burden or even damage to the body.

6. Slim waistline underwear

Some thin waistline underwear design often combines narrow waistband with a conical bra to make the perfect figure more prominent.However, the long -term dressing of thin waist and sexy underwear may cause compression of the waist bones and even cause internal organs.

7. Net socks sexy sheets

The design of online socks of lingerie often focuses on the perspective effect, so that the body curve is better.However, some net socks are poor, and it is easy to scratch the skin to the skin, and it may even affect the fragile vein.


Some of the spherical underwear are combined by the neck circle and the mouthball, and the shackles are must -wear accessories.However, during the wearing process, it may affect the smooth breathing, and the short -term use will also cause severe volatility of the visceral function of the human body, and it may cause damage to the person’s throat or teeth when we wear.

9. Plord Fun Character

The use of whip sex underwear is to increase the irritation of sexual activity, but improper design of whip may cause trauma to the skin of the human body, causing complications such as pain, infection, or blood vessel rupture.

10. Naked hip sexy underwear

The design of some naked buttocks sexy underwear is too explicit, which not only affects the aesthetics, but also is vulnerable to stimulation or infection on the exposed parts. It may also attract other people’s attention and bring unnecessary trouble to women.


The use of sexy underwear should focus on comfort and health, and should not pursue the effect of too radical.Women should pay more attention to their physical health. When buying sexy underwear, they should choose a product of reliable manufacturers and brands to avoid some torture women’s sexy underwear threatened to physical health.

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