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During train security, some passengers may encounter some embarrassing situations with sexy underwear.Therefore, this article will share relevant knowledge and precautions about the trains’ sexy underwear to help passengers better carry and wear sexy underwear.

Choose the right sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, consider the safety and convenience of train security inspection.First, choose a sexy lingerie without steel rings, because the steel ring may cause the bell of security equipment.Secondly, choosing a sexy underwear without metal decorations may attract the attention of human eyes and security equipment, and increase the difficulty of security inspection.

Report the situation before the inspection

Remember that before the security inspection, the inspector should be explained in time, and the sex lingerie is taken out to check.This can prevent inspectors from misunderstanding of sexy underwear, and can also save inspection time.

Try to choose discrete colors and patterns

When choosing the color and pattern of the sexy underwear, you should choose to be discrete to avoid too conspicuous colors and patterns, otherwise it may attract misunderstandings or attention from security equipment.

Avoid too much erotic underwear

In order to facilitate security checks and reduce trouble, it is recommended that passengers carry too much sexy underwear, only choose to carry.In this way, the security inspection personnel can avoid the doubts and misunderstandings of the passengers with erotic underwear.

Pay attention to the wearing of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the fit and penetration of wearing to avoid difficulty in wearing and taking off, and increase the time and difficulty of security inspection.

Abide by laws and regulations

Carrying and wearing sexy underwear must strictly abide by national laws and regulations, and prohibit illegal items, drugs, etc., otherwise it will be punished by law.

Avoid violations of moral bottom line

When choosing and wearing sexy underwear, you must avoid violating the moral bottom line of society.Respect the dignity of yourself and others, and avoid overly explicit erotic underwear.

Opinions of the inquiry agency

If there are still uncertain cases, you can consult the inquiry agency to understand whether the sexy underwear of different models and styles meet the security requirements.


Through the above content, we can conclude that when carrying and wearing sexy underwear, we must pay attention to security requirements and national laws and regulations to avoid unnecessary trouble and misunderstanding.At the same time, it is also important to choose the appropriate sexy underwear, pay attention to color and pattern, wearing fit and wearing.Finally, I wish you a safe and happy trip!

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