Transparent swimsuit Instead underwear

Transparent swimsuit Instead underwear

The transparent swimsuit sexy underwear is a unique design of sexy underwear. It integrates the elements of the swimsuit and the sexy underwear, providing consumers with a novel choice.This style reveals naked parts, which can be used as sexy sexy underwear or swimsuit.The following will introduce and analyze the transparent swimmingwear sexy underwear.

1. Design style

The design style of the transparent swimsuit sexy underwear is very different from ordinary sex lingerie and swimsuit.Its unique design is mainly transparent material, and usually adds various subsidiaries to the design, such as sequins and lace.The overall style is sexy, exposed, and high -profile, so it is loved by young people and fashion people.

2. Material selection

The material of the transparent swimming coat is usually soft, comfortable, and transparent, such as transparent lace, transparent silk, etc.Although this material is soft and transparent, it also requires corresponding care methods, such as avoiding drying at high temperatures to avoid friction, so as to ensure the smooth and gloss of the material.

3. How to wear

Wearing a transparent swimmingwear for sexy underwear requires certain skills and supporting clothing.Under normal circumstances, wearers need to wear clothes of the same color, or wear on a swimsuit like sunscreen.If you wear it directly in the swimsuit, you may have a adverse effect on the swimsuit on the relatively uniform makeup.

4. Suitable occasions

The transparent swimming coat is suitable for wearing in special occasions, such as nightclubs, stage performances, and themes.Because of its sexy and exposed characteristics, it is likely to cause unnecessary embarrassment or trouble if wearing in daily environment.

5. Different styles

There are many different styles of transparent swimsuit underwear. You can choose the appropriate size according to the personal preferences of the wearer, waist shape, etc., such as splitting, flat mouth, T -shaped pants type, etc.Among them, T -shaped transparent swimwear sexy underwear is currently a popular style. Its T -shaped design is more unique, while retaining the sexy characteristics of transparent materials.

6. Note

When wearing a transparent swimmer’s sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to maintaining hygiene and avoid excessive bouquet.Health is very important. Before wearing, you must clean and maintain underwear and other supporting items.Avoiding excessive tight beams is also very important. Putors should choose the right size to avoid discomfort to the body.

7. Combination of swimsuit and underwear

The transparent swimsuit is a combination of swimsuit and underwear. If you can perfectly match the two before wearing it, it will greatly improve the visual effect.How to wear a dressing requires reasonable arrangements according to factors such as its own waist, height, weight, etc.

8. The characteristics of transparent material

The characteristic of transparent swimming coats is to be designed with transparent materials. The advantages of this material are breathable, soft, and close -fitting, and at the same time, the wearer exudes sexy and charming charm.However, the weakness of this material should not be ignored. In addition, the transparent material is not the most suitable material for daily wear, so you need to think carefully before buying.


The transparent swimming coat is a choice for men and women, couples, couples, single people, and sexy toys.Its unique sex is more than ordinary erotic underwear and swimsuit, and lets the wearer exude sexy, exposed, and high -profile qualities.Although you need to pay attention to hygiene and avoid excessive tight beams, as long as you wear on appropriate occasions, you can make people feel confident and charm.

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