Underwear and stockings Instead underwear Beauty

Guide: Underwear and stockings Instead of Lingerie Beauty

For women, underwear and stockings are a way to show their beauty and sexy.In the matching of clothing, underwear and socks, the sex underwear has played a bridge in the inside and outside.So, what kind of underwear and stockings are most suitable for women of different occasions and different figures?

Part 1: Selection of underwear

Underwear is the most private part of clothing. It can change the outline of a person and make the figure more beautiful.Practical underwear will not only enhance personal self -confidence, but also make people more handy in dressing, letting people understand their bodies more deeper.Different styles of underwear are suitable for people of different figures. For example, women with small breasts are suitable for wearing underwear with thick orange cups, and women with full breasts are suitable for wearing steel -free water underwear.

Part 2: The choice of stockings

Wearing stockings in formal occasions can bring people a pure, elegant and aristocratic atmosphere, and wearing stockings at night is more of a way to pursue sexy.When choosing stockings, choose to choose according to your height, body shape and occasion.For example, tall women are suitable for wearing thick stockings, while petite women should pay attention to choosing fine heels to make up for the gap between height.

Part II

Interest underwear is a very sexy and teasing clothing that can show women’s soft curves and sexy charm.Different occasions need to wear different styles of sexy underwear, such as wearing sexy skirts and sexy underwear in family life, wearing deep V -neck leopard strap -style sexy underwear in nightclubs and bars.But before wearing fun underwear, you must understand yourself from the heart, not blindly follow the trend.

Part 4: The choice of adult erotic underwear

Adult sexy underwear is more exposed and indulgent in design, and wearing it will show a casual and sexy charm.However, not all women are suitable for wearing adult erotic underwear, and they must be worn on the premise of controlling the scale and occasions.There are many adult sexy lingerie styles, and you can choose adult erotic underwear that suits you according to your temperament, personality, body and personality.

Part 5: The choice of European and American sexy underwear

The main features of European and American sexy underwear are unique, sexy, teasing, indulgence and exposure, and the style is more avant -garde.Wearing European and American sexy underwear can make people have a strong sense of impact. Therefore, we must understand yourself before wearing. Wearing European and American sexy underwear should be traveling, partying, nightclubs and bars outside the formal occasions.

Part 6: Beauty’s underwear and stockings Innerwear styles

Beauty is the perfect display of underwear and stockings. They are wearing different styles of underwear and stockings, which are visually more beautiful and sexy.Petite women are suitable for wearing lace decorative stockings, full breasts, women with full -bodied flower strap -style sexy underwear, and women with protruding hip lines are suitable for wearing rabbit ears underwear.

Part 7: DIY production of underwear and stockings in underwear

If you want a special underwear and socks, you can consider making it yourself.First of all, think about your positioning and the effect you want to achieve, and then prepare professional materials and tools.Refer to the patterns and styles of some underwear and stockings, and finally make your own underwear and stockings.

Part 8: Maintenance of Underwear and Stockings Instead

Underwear and stockings are very valuable clothing, and special attention needs to be paid to wear and maintenance.First of all, you must use cold waterman cleaning, and you cannot use a washing machine.Secondly, do not use the sun directly to expose it to the ventilation.In addition, in the storage of underwear and stockings, it is best to use drawer partitions to store it to avoid overlapping and shelving.


Underwear and stockings are one of the ways for women to show their own charm. The correct choice, dressing and maintenance can allow women to be more beautiful, confident, sexy and charming when wearing underwear and stockings.

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