Very disgusted with a woman who wears fun underwear

Interesting underwear is a must -have for sex life

Interest underwear is a fashion taste that enhances sexual experience and is a must -have for sex life.But for some women, wearing erotic underwear is not an interesting thing. Why do they dislike underwear?

Woman who pretend to be

For some women, wearing erotic underwear is a way to show off. They are not adding points for themselves, but to prove their victory.These women are usually good at pretending to be in the tartar. They will put their sexual experience first, rather than using sexy underwear as a life taste.

Unconfident woman

Some women wear sexy underwear to make themselves more women and more sexy, but they usually lack confidence.Wearing sex underwear is a manifestation of courage and confidence. If you cannot put on sexy underwear with confidence, then your self -expression significance is largely weakened.

Woman lacking wisdom

When wearing sex underwear, you must know how to appreciate and experience, rather than blindly chasing low -level fun.If some women lack wisdom and temperament, they may make people feel that they have no taste. Wearing sexy underwear is neither sexy nor tasteful.

There is no positioning of your own temperament

Some women may not have positioning their own temperament when wearing fun underwear. They will follow the trend because friends around them wear this underwear, or even rising for a while.No understanding.

The true meaning of misunderstanding of sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear and ordinary clothes are different. Wearing sexy underwear in sexual experience will be more passionate and emotional, and they pay more attention to the sense of form and decoration.Some people who do n’t know about sex underwear may misunderstand the true meaning of sexy underwear. They think that wearing sexy underwear is just to make people sexy and loud, and this misunderstanding makes people feel that the sexy underwear is very tacky.

Wear sex underwear on the wrong occasion

If you wear sexy underwear on the wrong occasion, it may make you feel like playing a role in some insignificant occasions.Interest underwear should be worn under specific occasions, such as personal birthdays, appropriate celebration festivals.If you wear sexy underwear in your usual office, you will definitely make people feel boring.

Just pay attention to the appearance and ignore the inner matching

In addition to the patterns and styles of sexy underwear, underwear, pants, and other accessories are important when wearing it.If you only pay attention to the erotic underwear itself, and ignore the inner matching is incomplete, this will obviously make people feel uncoordinated.

Not suitable for your body to choose sexy underwear

The prerequisite for wearing sex underwear is to meet your body. If the sexy underwear style you choose is not in line with your figure, it is difficult to achieve the effect.What’s more, such behaviors make people feel unprofessional.

It’s difficult to match and match the error

Wearing erotic underwear is not simply wearing clothes. The combination of sexy underwear, underwear and other decorations is the most critical.If you have improper matching or errors, then sexy underwear is worthless.


The purpose of sexy underwear is to make us more active and happy. In order to make this experience to the extreme, we need to pay more attention to our temperament, body, self -confidence and matching skills.It is not enough to wear sexy underwear and need to be matched with your entire image.

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