Video of the story of giant tales wearing fun underwear

The charm of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is no longer a taboo in modern society. On the contrary, it becomes more and more popular among couples.They can not only stimulate emotions, but also enhance sexual attractiveness.Such underwear is no longer an exclusive field of women, and now men have begun to wear sexy underwear.Below, we will share an interesting story about a giant lizard wearing sexy underwear.

The story of the giant found the sexy underwear

One day, a giant lizard walked into a sexy underwear store.After looking for it, it found a transparent sexy underwear, exquisite lace and curve beauty.Because I like this underwear very much, the giant starts to try to put on it.

Video of giant showing sexy underwear

The behavior of the giant was recorded by a customer. In the video, the giant was wearing a sexy underwear. He was paired with several different costumes in the store, causing a hound of laughter and lens.This scene is also called the "Lizard Female Show".

Another effect of sexy underwear on humans

In human beings, the effect of sexy underwear is also obvious.Women wearing such underwear usually feel more confident and sexy, and men wearing sexy underwear are more attractive and masculine.This is because sexy underwear can help reveal the beauty of the body, and it can also stimulate the desire and interest of the sex.

Various kinds of sexy underwear

There are more than one type of sexy underwear. They can be pure black, mouth -watering red, or gem green or soft pink.For everyone, different colors have different meanings, but the essence of this underwear is the same: impassioned or tender.

The story behind sexy underwear

There are mostly interesting stories behind the sexy lingerie, including the designer’s experience, the source of inspiration in life, and the female image embodied by the designed underwear.These stories can analyze the characteristics of sexy underwear more deeply and provide better inspiration for underwear fans.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

To choose a sexy underwear suitable for you, you need to consider it carefully.To ensure comfort and beautiful appearance, underwear must be in line with figure.For example, thin women should choose stripes or basic underwear, while beautiful women can choose more delicate sexy underwear.

Precautions for sexy underwear

Fun underwear needs to pay attention to cleaning.When cleaning, you can use warm water and neutral detergent to avoid using acidic cleaning agents such as citric acid.When oxidation is severe, do not use detergent for cleaning, you can choose other methods to clean.In addition, some underwear edges and other parts should be careful not to hook on items. When storing underwear, it should be avoided.


Interest underwear can bring different experiences, but you also need to pay attention to cleaning and choosing the right style.Whether wearing or appreciating others, sexy underwear is a beautiful, romantic and sexy experience.

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