Wear sex underwear and go to the bar

Why do you want to wear a sexy underwear?

If you have the opportunity to go to a nightclub or bar, maybe you have noticed that more and more women choose to wear sexy underwear, which is not a fashion trend, but because of many benefits of sexy underwear.First of all, it makes women feel more confident and bring more comfort and relaxation.In addition, sexy underwear can also enhance your sexual charm and improve your chances of knowing the opposite sex in the bar.

Types and colors of sexy underwear

There are many different types of erotic underwear, which are made of lace, lace and gauze.They not only have various colors, but also a variety of design styles, such as bikini, bondage, navel installation and transparent underwear, which allow you to choose freely.In addition, there are some popular colors, such as black, white, red, purple, pink and blue.

The attractiveness of transparent underwear

Transparent underwear is one of the most popular sexy underwear in the bar because it can show others’ beauty and sexy to others when wearing it, and enhance your self -confidence.Because transparent underwear is a mesh fabric added to the decorative fabric, you can show your skin and body, and at the same time, it will not show the part you don’t want to show.

Classic black underwear

Black underwear has always been a popular color in sexy underwear.This color is reminiscent of mystery, sexy and elegant.No matter what your skin color is, black underwear will be well displayed, especially under the dark lighting of the bar.

The warm desire of red underwear

Red underwear symbolizes passion and desire, so wearing red underwear in the bar can improve your sexy index.Red underwear can make you look very confident. It seems that you can give up yourself at any time and enter the emotional enthusiasm.

Purple underwear mysteriousism

The color of purple underwear changes from violet to dark purple, and is regarded as a symbol of mysteriousism by many people.Wearing purple underwear, maybe you can add a little mystery and enhance your charm.

Confusion of nude underwear

Nude underwear is a very popular sexy underwear in recent years.Unlike transparent underwear, it can fully show your skin and body curve.The choice of color is more natural than transparent underwear, and it can more reflect your original appearance.Nude underwear has a feeling of confusion that makes you look more eye -catching.

Important way of wear

Before wearing sex underwear, measure your height, weight and bust to determine your size.Do not wear small or too big erotic underwear, otherwise it will make you look awkward.In addition, the correct way to wear is also important.If the size is correct, but if there is a problem, it will make you look not sexy enough.

The difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear

There is a big difference in design and ordinary underwear in design.Sex underwear pays more attention to showing women’s body curves and sexy atmosphere.And the material of sexy underwear is thinner and transparent, which can fully show the body’s body lines.In contrast, the design of ordinary underwear pays more attention to protection and support, the material is more abundant, and the breathability and comfort are better.

Otherwise, people are not suitable for wearing fun underwear

Although sexy underwear is very popular, not everyone is suitable for wearing it.If you have serious skin sensitive problems, it may not be suitable for wearing sexy underwear.In addition, if you are too conservative and you don’t like exposing your body, then wearing sexy underwear is not suitable for you.

in conclusion

It is a very enjoyable experience to wear sex underwear.Interest underwear allows you to enhance self -confidence, sexy, and increase the opportunity to recognize the opposite sex in the bar.Choose transparent underwear, classic black underwear, embarrassing red underwear, mysterious purple underwear, eye -catching nude underwear, and other styles. According to the correct way of wear, you can get more attention and praise in the bar.

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