Wear sex underwear downstairs to play mobile novels

Preparation before the elevator

As a girl, you need to pay attention to some details when wearing a sexy underwear to play mobile phone novels.First of all, you must choose the right underwear style, and choose a model that is suitable for you according to your body shape. Secondly, pay attention to the fabrics of the underwear. It is best to choose a fabric with good breathability to allow the skin to breathe.

Choose sexy underwear skills

You need to pay attention to the choice of style of sex underwear. Different places need different styles.For example, in the office, you need to choose a low -key sexy underwear, not too sexy; at the party, you can choose a more unique sexy underwear to enhance your charm.

Sexy but elegant

When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to sexy but elegant, and not expose yourself too much. Such a dress will make people feel indecent.Choosing a style, fabric, and size that suits you play a good role in creating a suitable temperament.

Pay attention to the maintenance of sexy underwear

Maintenance of sexy underwear is also very critical.Generally speaking, it is best to wash your own underwear or choose a washing machine for washing machines. Do not wash it with other clothes.And it is best to be milder when washing. Do not dehydrate or expose the drying directly, which will affect the shelf life of sexy underwear.

How to match sexy underwear

The matching of sexy underwear is also very skillful.When choosing to install, you can choose a relatively loose style so that it will not be too exposed.If it is a formal occasion, you can choose to wear a formal dress. The colors are mainly black and white, which can look more elegant.

The color and choice of sexy underwear

Choosing the color of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to.You can choose some brighter and bright colors, but the color is too exposed.If it is in public, it is best to choose a relatively low -key color.In private occasions, you can try to choose according to your preferences.

With a sexy underwear jacket

Coats with sexy underwear also need to pay attention to.When going out, you can choose a thin coat, which can be beautiful and not too exposed.You can choose a small suit jacket, or it can also be paired with a more vivid leather jacket to enhance the charm of personality.

Sex of sexy underwear in different seasons

In different seasons, you need to pay attention to choosing sexy underwear.In summer, you can choose fabrics with better breathability, such as silk, so that the skin can breathe.In winter, you need to choose fabrics with better warmth, such as wool fabrics.

The price and quality of sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, in addition to paying attention to styles and fabrics, prices and quality are also factors that need to be considered.Generally speaking, the quality of the more price of sexy underwear will be better and the fabric will be more comfortable.But for people with limited budgets, they can also choose relatively affordable sexy underwear.


It is a kind of attempt to wear a mobile phone novel to wear a mobile phone, but you need to pay attention to the details.When choosing styles and colors, pay attention to the right degree, and do not expose yourself too much; pay attention to the overall shape when matching, and do not be too fancy.Only by considering various factors can we wear their own style and show their charm.

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