Wear sexy underwear in the car


Wearing a sexy underwear in the car is a fresh and exciting attempt for couples.Putting on sexy underwear to make yourself charm, and at the same time, you can also enhance the taste of sex.But how to choose a sexy underwear suitable for the car, how to protect your privacy is also a question that needs to be paid attention to.

Choose the right sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear in a car, you must first consider its texture.It is best to choose comfortable fabrics to make the skin comfortable and breathable without causing too much discomfort.Secondly, choose underwear suitable for your body and style. Do not blindly pursue the trend. Instead, you are based on your body and style to make yourself more confident and comfortable.

Prevent underwear from falling off

When wearing sexy underwear in the car, the underwear falls off is more common.Especially when driving at high speeds or bumps in the vehicle, underwear is very easy to fall off.In order to avoid this situation, you can choose to wear the underwear directly on the coat, or choose a tight underwear, such as a sexy suspender.

Protect personal privacy

It is a very private behavior to wear sexy underwear in the car, so privacy protection is important.Generally speaking, you should try to choose some places that are not seen, such as parking lots, remote rural roads, etc.Pay attention to privacy on the road or public places to avoid being peeped by others.

Use of seat belt

When wearing sexy underwear in the car, pay attention to the use of the seat belt.Especially during driving, the seat belt is very important to protect the physical safety of the ride.Therefore, we must also pay attention to the use of seat belts while wearing sexy underwear to ensure the physical safety of themselves and others.

Comfortable seat

Wearing sexy underwear in the car, comfortable seats are also very important.Do not choose a seat that is too hard or too soft, it is best to choose a seat with waist and support.You can choose to stack the blankets, cushions and other items on the seat to increase the comfort.

Pay attention to temperature and ventilation

When wearing sexy underwear in the car, pay attention to temperature and ventilation.Wearing underwear for a long time in a closed space, it is easy to feel stuffy and breathable.You can open the window to ventilate, or choose to wear in the car in a suitable temperature.

Avoid unnecessary driving operations

It is important to avoid unnecessary driving operations when wearing sexy underwear in the car.Especially in the process of driving, we must concentrate and prevent accidents.If you need to perform more driving operations, it is best to put on a formal driving uniform or ordinary clothes.

Pay attention to the line and end point

When wearing sexy underwear in the car, pay attention to the problem of the line and the end.Choose some roads without too much traffic, and confirm the driving route before driving to avoid getting lost during driving.Similarly, after taking off the underwear in the car, pay attention to the route of going home and choose a safe and convenient itinerary.

When is it suitable for wearing sexy underwear in the car?

It is also important to choose a sexy underwear.During long -term driving, it is difficult to wear sexy underwear.Therefore, after driving out of the highway, you can choose to continue wearing on the parking lot or remote roads to enjoy the fun of the two -person world.


Wearing a sexy underwear in the car is just a fresh attempt between couples.But while enjoying happiness, you should also pay attention to the safety of yourself and others.Choosing the right texture and underwear style to protect personal privacy and avoid unnecessary driving operations are all issues that need to be paid attention to.Let us experience the beautiful enjoyment brought by sexy underwear in a healthy and safe way.

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