Wear the chest and stickers in a messy underwear show

Overview of the chest and sexy underwear

As a relatively special underwear, the breasts and sexy underwear mainly provide women with a more sexy dressing experience.Compared with the traditional bra, the chest stickers are more sexy in appearance, and the internal function is more focused on shaping and comfort, and it is divided into two types: transparent breast stickers and opaque chest stickers.Essence

The characteristics of the chest and sexy underwear

As a special underwear, the breasts are characterized by a special underwear. One is that the lines are clear, the second is that there is almost no need for the back of the back, and the third is more comfortable to wear. The fourth is that it has more advantages in terms of sexy.And charm.

Different occasions in different occasions

1. Transparent chest sticker: It can be visually creating a "naked" dressing experience for the wearer. It is suitable for wearing private emotional communication, party, nightclubs, etc., and it is also very suitable for specific tailoring on clothes.

2. Occuasable chest stickers: This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for a slightly lower sexuality and needs to be shaped.Its wrapping power, good support, can effectively shape women’s body curves, allowing the wearer to have a fuller and charming chest curve.

Choosing the right size is important

It is very important to choose the right size to wear underwear.The chest stickers are no exception.If you choose improperly, it is likely to bring discomfort.Therefore, when choosing this kind of underwear, you need to refer to the size table carefully to ensure that you choose the right size, and don’t be too small or too large.


The correct method of dressing will not only make it more comfortable to wear, but also make the chest shape more beautiful and more attractive.Usually, take the two corners below the underwear, stick it under the breast, and deduct the middle button in order.Of course, there are different design styles. There may be different methods of dressing. You need to pay attention to reading the product description carefully when you wear.

Total tips for using chest stickers with sexy underwear

1. Before use, keep your breasts dry. Do not apply your body to moisturize your skin, otherwise it will affect its adhesion effect.

2. Before use, you need to empty the breast and the lower ditch to ensure the adhesive effect;

3. Pay attention to the body warm when wearing to ensure that the patch is fully tightened, while reducing the speed of the upper body;

4. After wearing it for a long time, you need to tear off the patch carefully and tear it off slowly to avoid pain or damage.

Maintenance of chest stickers

It is very important to clean the chest and stickers in the chest.It is generally recommended to wash to avoid using a hard brush and chemical detergent.In addition, when storage, you should also pay attention to eliminating direct sunlight and humid places, and avoid unnecessary friction and squeezing.

Recommendation of adult products mall

If you want to wear chest and sexy underwear to show charm in sexy and private occasions, and also want to choose some high -quality, comfortable products, it is recommended to choose some adult products malls.The types of underwear in these malls are rich in number and can be selected according to their own needs.


If you want to show charm in sexy and private occasions, your chest and sexy underwear are undoubtedly your first choice.Choose a transparent or opaque breast sticker sexy underwear. Pay attention to the correct size and method of wearable. At the same time, you need to pay attention to some tips for using and maintenance.Adult products mall is a good choice to buy chest -sticker -sticked lingerie.I hope this article will help you.

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