Wearing a sex underwear was photographed by a photographer

Fashion trend perceptual choice

Wearing erotic underwear is a fashion trend. It is no longer a costume item that belongs to the private scene, but is worn by more and more women.Under the premise of ensuring that it is basically comfortable and not affecting health, wearing erotic underwear, through the choice of models, color and other factors, create a female perceptual image, enhance sexy charm, and be sought after by the majority of fashion enthusiasts.

How to choose a suitable underwear?

There are still some tips for the purchase of sexy underwear.First, choose a model that suits you.Because people of different figures wear different models of sexy lingerie, it is important to ensure that the appropriate model is to choose the right model.In addition, color is also important.Choosing sexy underwear of different colors can show different temperament and personality of women.

Vanitary underwear -the choice for enthusiasts

The style of hollow underwear is sexy sexy and is a major category in sexy underwear, which is especially suitable for wearing in private scenes.While reinforcing sexy lingerie, hollow underwear also improves the beauty of the figure, and also gives female friends with a full body with more confident choices.

The sexy atmosphere of lace

Lace underwear is a very typical sexy lingerie. It is made of lace lace, which is the best choice to increase women’s charming and temperament.Although lace underwear is designed diverse, women also need to pay special attention to the size of wearing when buying.

The perspective effect of the mesh yarn

Net yarn underwear is a highlight, mainly in the perspective of unique performance.The petite girl is particularly good -looking in mesh underwear. At the same time, she can choose different colors and accessories. At the same time, she has a bright personality and shows the beauty and sexy to the fullest.

Sexy, elegant hollow underwear

Pure color, simplicity, atmosphere, and sensory sensation, this is an obvious feature of hollow underwear.It highlights the elegant quality of women, while showing the sexy charm of women, it is a perfect choice mixed with sexy and elegant.

The British taste of denim sex underwear

The British atmosphere with jeans can also interpret the sexy feeling of women.Cowboy sex underwear shows the natural and healthy style, showing the personality of women and the courage to dare to be heaven and man.

Slim, abdominal weapon, beam -bodies, sexy lingerie

Better -bodied underwear changes the outline of the body, strengthens the figure proportion of the ideal woman, while shaped the perfect waist curve.Especially for women who want to highlight their aesthetics in daily clothes, bumping underwear is a weapon that is essentially different from other sexy underwear.

The most important quality -the comfort of wearing

When choosing sexy underwear, comfort is the most important quality.This is the basic characteristics that all underwear must have, especially for private occasions.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, you must pay attention to comfort, and take care of sexy, fashionable and healthy.

In addition to sexy, pay attention to health and cleanliness

Interest underwear is different from other ordinary underwear. Due to sexy materials, design, etc., it requires special cleaning and storage methods.When women wear sexy underwear, they should pay special attention to the cleaning and wear time of the vagina, so as not to affect physical health.


Wearing sexy underwear is a fashionable and sexy choice in daily life.From model to color to material, every detail can show women’s unique beauty and sexy.However, no matter how you choose, the most important thing is to ensure the comfort and health of wearing.Although sexy underwear is fashionable and sexy, it can not damage your health.

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