Wearing a sexy underwear boyfriend is not hard

Wearing a sexy underwear boyfriend is not hard

Putting on sexy sexy underwear, bringing a new stimulus to yourself and his partner, is a self -pursuit of modern women advocating sexual blessing life.However, when you put on a sexy underwear, you find that your boyfriend is not hard, which makes you very puzzled and troubled.This article will analyze the possible reasons for you and put forward some solutions.

1. Improper wear

Different from sex underwear and ordinary underwear, you need to follow some unique ways to wear, otherwise it will affect its effect.Some sexy underwear needs to be worn from the feet, and some need to pass through the head. If you wear it, then its effect cannot be played, which may also be the reason why the boyfriend is not hard.

2. Inappropriate sizes

Not only ordinary underwear, the size of sexy underwear is also important.Because sexy underwear is generally designed according to the body curve, if the size you choose is not appropriate, it will cause discomfort to the body, so that your boyfriend does not harden.

3. The style is too avant -garde

Some women like to try some distinctive sexy underwear, but if the styles of these underwear are too avant -garde and are too different, they may make her boyfriend blame and exclude, which cannot feel sexual interest.Choosing some relatively conservative or enthusiastic and sweet sexy underwear will be more likely to produce effects.

4. Insufficient environmental atmosphere

Interesting underwear often needs to be relatively relaxed, relaxed, and romantic atmosphere to show its charm.If the environment was relatively closed, depressed, and harsh atmosphere, her boyfriend would not be able to harden because of nervousness and inadequate adaptation.

5. Fatigue

If you and your boyfriend have already performed many times, his body may be a little tired.At this time, even if you wear sexy underwear, he may not have a very strong response.If in this case, you need to restore your physical strength, increase your vitality, and try again.

6. Interesting underwear itself

If you choose inappropriate sexy underwear, there are some defects in materials, workmanship, and design, and you may also make your boyfriend do not feel irritating.At this time, I had to change a more suitable sexy underwear or consider changing the brand.

7. External interference

Sometimes, external interference makes men unable to feel stimulus.For example, if your mobile phone has been rang or the doorbell has been rang, then the boyfriend will not be able to maintain concentration, which will affect his hard and hard problem.

8. Improper order

Men’s sexual excitement needs to be heated through a certain process. Generally, the foreplay is required to be heated to make men sensitive, and then the next action is performed.If you directly wear sexy underwear to enter the next link, without fully conducting the foreplay and heating, it will also cause your boyfriend to not be hardened.

in conclusion

Putting on sexy underwear can allow you and your boyfriend to experience new feelings, but when wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to problems such as wearing, size, style, environment, external interference, and sexual foreplay.Only by considering these problems can we achieve the effect of improving the quality of life with the help of sexy underwear.

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