Wearing sex underwear outside


With the continuous development of society, sexy underwear has gradually become an indispensable part of female wardrobes.However, wearing erotic underwear may bring a lot of different perceptions and reactions to people outside.In this article, we will explore some problems wearing sexy underwear and put forward some solutions.

Sex underwear type

There are many types of erotic underwear. The classifications are mainly lace, mesh, hollow, leather, etc. According to the nature classification, it mainly includes the body, sexy, uniform, SM, etc.Wearing sexy underwear outside needs to choose suitable types according to different situations and occasions.

Selection of the occasion

Wearing sexy underwear on different occasions or places will have different effects and reactions, so you need to choose from different scenes.For example, you can put it more open on no one, and a little restraint is needed in public places in public.


Like other clothing, sexy underwear also needs a good match, so as to better reflect its charm.Specifically, it can be paired with long or short tops, high heels or boots, and even dance or long skirts.

Personal temperament

The effect of wearing erotic underwear is not only on the occasion and matching, but the personal temperament cannot be ignored.Temperament refers to the same personality, style, taste, and sexy underwear shown by a person.

Makeup choice

Makeup is also a factor that affects the effect of sexy underwear.When wearing sexy underwear, light makeup is the best choice, because it is easy to cause negative impression and attention.

The time of wearing underwear

Pay attention to time wearing sexy underwear.For example, there will be a big difference during the day and evening, because it is easy to cause unrealistic impressions in the morning, and the opposite is just the opposite at night.

Confident attitude

If you are going to show up in a sexy underwear outside, you must have a confident attitude and strong self -confidence.Because only by self -confident personnel can wear a sense of fashion and beauty, can they be recognized by society.

Can’t be too public

Wearing erotic underwear needs to be cautious, not too publicized and explicit.Of course, this is relative, different people have different standards.However, generally speaking, too publicly wearing can cause a lot of resentment and criticism.

Combined with your own actual situation

Wearing sexy underwear must consider your actual situation.Such as your body, your own temperament, your own skin, etc. These factors will affect the effect of wearing sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Wearing sexy underwear needs to pay attention to many aspects, but in general, the most important thing is self -confidence and self -recognition.Wearing erotic underwear can release women’s own charm and show freedom and personality, but the premise is to pay attention to properly to avoid unnecessary trouble and embarrassment.

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