Wearing sex underwear squeeze the subway

Wearing sex underwear squeeze the subway

In modern fast -paced urban life, the subway is essential every day to get off work, but does the crowded subway feel boring every day?If you can wear sexy and fashionable sexy underwear, then squeezing the subway may become interesting.Let’s understand how to wear sexy underwear to squeeze the subway together.

1. Choose a comfortable and personal sexy underwear

When squeezing the subway, people often squeeze together. If we wear tight and uncomfortable sexy underwear, it is easy to feel uncomfortable or even pain.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose a comfortable, personal and elastic material, and pay attention to whether the underwear size is appropriate.

2. Select a suitable style of sexy underwear

There are many styles in the sexy underwear. From the fresh and lovely pink camisling underwear like a girl, to the sexy and charming black lace underwear, everyone has their own favorite style in their hearts.However, when squeezing the subway, it is recommended to choose some simple style of sexy underwear, so that it will not attract too much attention from the people around you, and you can also ride the subway happily as wearing ordinary underwear.

3. Cooperate with suitable clothes

If you want to wear sex underwear to squeeze the subway, you must first consider the outside. It must be matched with appropriate clothes to avoid the exposure of the underwear, but it cannot be too heavy, which will make people feel dull.You can choose loose short -sleeved T -shirts, breathable shirts, or V -neck deep and cute dresses, and so on.In this way, even if busy work and life can’t keep your body slender, you don’t have to worry about it.

4. Don’t use too many decorations or details for decoration

The sexy underwear is exquisite and colorful. Do not pay too much attention to decorations and details when buying, but do not completely give up them.Because too much decoration can make the subway aisle narrower, it is easy to get stuck in some people. At the same time, it will also increase the trouble when getting off the bus. Therefore, it is more suitable for squeezing the subway compared to the overly complicated erotic underwear.

5. Don’t choose a sexy underwear that is too exposed

If you want to wear a sexy underwear to squeeze the subway, pay attention to moderate.If it is too exposed, this is not only embarrassing, but also easily attracts the attention and even onlookers of the people around you, which is undoubtedly even more uncomfortable.

6. The advantage of wearing sexy underwear

Wearing a sexy underwear to squeeze the subway will make you feel positive, sexy and confident.In addition to the improvement of your own mentality, the proper sexy underwear will also make yourself more attractive, causing the attention and attention of people around you, which may increase your chance of getting off.

7. Sex underwear and other applications

In addition to wearing erotic underwear when squeezing the subway, sexy underwear can also be used in interesting life.Interest underwear is not only suitable for couples, but also a sexy toy that can enjoy independently.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can bring more fun to your personal life.

8. Select different styles of sexy underwear according to different scenes

Select different styles according to specific occasions.When you go to work, you need to choose a capable and stable style; while shopping, dating or gathering, you can choose a more individual and fashionable style.

9. Appropriate reference to fashion matching skills

When wearing sexy underwear, you may wish to learn from some fashion wearing skills.For example, the panties are integrated with skirts or pants, and pants or skirts are worn, so that the pants and skirts can be seen.In addition, you can use the adjustment underwear with adjustment effects to match with sex underwear, which can not only have a beautiful effect, but also make yourself feel more comfortable.

10. Summary view

Wearing sex underwear squeezing the subway can let us look at the details in life from another angle, and at the same time increase the sense of confidence and inner heart.However, when choosing sexy underwear, it is necessary to consider comfort and adaptability, because people wear fun underwear to increase life interest, rather than bringing pain or discomfort to themselves.

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