What are the movements of wearing sex underwear

What are the movements of wearing sex underwear

Interesting underwear is a clothing that allows women to show charm and sexy, but wearing fun underwear is not very simple. You need to pay attention to some details.This article will explain the precautions wearing sexy underwear and the actions that need to be paid attention to when wearing underwear.

1. Adjust the bra

Pay attention to the adjustment of the bra to wear any style of underwear, and wearing sex underwear at this time is no exception.First adjust the shoulder strap to the correct position, and then fix the bra firmly.This can ensure that the bra does not slip and loosen.

2. Pull up pantyhose

If sexy underwear with pantyhose, then you need to pay special attention.After putting on pantyhose, you need to carefully check whether there are stretching or cracking. If so, you need to replace it in time.Avoid using nails to scrape pantyhose during operation.

3. Adjust panties

The adjustment of the underwear is important and ensure that the appearance is more flat.Gently pull the underwear between the legs, and then adjust the logo above to ensure the flat and comfortable underwear.In addition, you can choose non -trace underwear to avoid indentation.

4. Wear high heels

Putting on high heels can make your posture more upright, this posture can bring great charm.When wearing shoes, you should pay attention to the right size, and choose the appropriate height and width to ensure the comfort and stability of the action.

5. Adjust the shoulder strap

If you choose the sexy underwear with a strap, then the adjustment of the shoulder strap is very important.In order to ensure comfort and perfect lower chest lines, the shoulder strap needs to be adjusted appropriately to make it perfectly fit with your body.

6. Adjust the buckle

The rear buckle is a adjustment part of the bra, which can help you adjust the proper degree of tightness.Therefore, you can buy some adjustable post -buckled sexy underwear.After wearing it, you need to check the deduction to make sure it is in the right position.

7. Settle underwear

After wearing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to setting up every piece of it to ensure the perfection of the clothing.These parts include bra cups, wings, buttons, underwear, and so on.Try to avoid folds or indentation in all parts of the body.

8. Pay attention when climbing

After wearing high heels, pay special attention to the posture of walking. You can practice walking in the same place first.You need to be careful when you try to climb the ladder. You can replace it with flat shoes or use railings to keep your body balance.

9. Don’t exercise too much

After wearing sexy underwear, do not exercise too much, especially strenuous exercise.Because the material of sexy underwear is usually thin, soft and close, it may cause damage to the body.

10. Keep confidence in action

Wearing sexy underwear can increase women’s self -confidence and sexy.So after wearing them, especially with high heels, learn to maintain confidence and let your charm show it.

In general, wearing erotic underwear is not only a manifestation of its charm, but also a kind of enjoyment and expression.When wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to related skills and details to determine the perfection of the appearance and the protection of the body.