What are the qualifications for sexy underwear online stores


In today’s Internet+era, more and more people choose to shop online, and sexy underwear is no exception.More and more sexy underwear online stores are open online, but how can we open a legal sexy underwear online store?This article will provide you with a detailed explanation of the qualifications required for sex underwear online stores.

business license

The first thing that needs to be opened is a business license.In China, you must have a business license for business.Only after the review and approval by the industry and commerce department can officially carry out business.

Tax registration certificate

In addition to business licenses, there is also a tax registration certificate.The tax registration certificate is a legal certificate of business activities, which is used for financial businesses such as taxation, customs declaration, payment, and loans.

Intellectual property certificate

The products of sexy underwear online stores often involve intellectual property rights such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents. Therefore, sexy underwear online stores need to provide a certificate of intellectual property rights.If you have relevant intellectual property proof, you can help your online stores get more reputation and customer trust.

Food business license

Some sexy underwear online stores may sell some foods with good taste, beautiful appearance, and affordable price. At this time, you need a food business license.Without this proof, your online store is likely to be included in the blacklist and is prohibited from selling any food.

E -commerce business license

In order to regulate e -commerce trading activities, my country’s laws and regulations must be held that all enterprises engaged in e -commerce activities must hold e -commerce business licenses.Interest underwear online stores are no exception. If you do not hold an e -commerce business license, your online store will not be able to open normally.

permission for opening bank account

All enterprises need a bank account, and the fun underwear online store is no exception.To open a bank account, the bank needs to be reviewed. After approval, it can obtain a bank account license.The bank account opening permit is a proof document provided by the bank to prove the qualifications and permissions of a company’s account opening account in the bank.

Fire safety test certificate

In some areas, if the area of sexy underwear online stores exceeds a certain range, it is necessary to obtain a proof of fire safety testing.This certificate is a certificate for your online store security business.

Trademark registration certificate

As mentioned earlier, sexy underwear involves intellectual property rights, and trademarks are one of the important parts.If you have your own trademark registration certificate, your online store can be more stable and can get more customer trust and business support.

Inspection report

Interesting underwear products are directly exposed to the human body, and they need to abide by certain safety and hygiene requirements to avoid causing damage to the human body.Therefore, sexy underwear online stores need to have a quality inspection report to prove that your products meet the safety and hygiene requirements.


Opening a fun underwear online store requires multiple qualifications. Regulating operations from the legal level can make your online stores more legal, stable and sustainable.The above is a list of qualifications required for sex underwear online stores. I hope to provide some help to your fun underwear online store.

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