What classification of Pinduoduo’s sexy underwear

What classification of Pinduoduo’s sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is one of the fashion products that modern people are keen to buy. Pinduoduo is one of the popular shopping platforms in recent years. So, what classifications are placed on Pinduoduo?This article will be introduced in detail.

1. Female underwear classification

Women’s underwear classification is a basic category of Pinduoduo. Most of the women’s erotic underwear is also placed in this category.Under the classification of women’s underwear, sexy underwear is generally divided into small categories such as bra, panties, and sets.

2. Adult toy classification

In addition to the classification of women’s underwear, adult toy classification is also one of the categories for users who buy sexy underwear.Under the classification of adult toys, sexy underwear will be placed under the classification of sexy pajamas and sex role performance.

Third, body body shaping classification

The body shaping classification is a very popular classification in Pinduoduo. This category covers a lot of bodywear and swimwear.Interest underwear can also be classified in swimwear categories under the body shaping class.

Fourth, clothing accessories classification

Clothing accessories can help users find some clothing products with sexy underwear. For example, underwear suits will appear in accessories classification under clothing accessories.

5. Outdoor sports classification

Swimsuits and swimming caps under the classification of outdoor sports will also be similar to that of sexy underwear in swimwear classification under the body shaping classification.

6. Home Life Classification

There are many related products produced by sexy underwear brands under the classification of home life classification.These products can be placed in the accessories classification under the classification of clothing accessories.

7. Classification of children’s supplies

Under the classification of children’s supplies, many products related to sexy underwear are also produced.For example, maternal and female clothing, these products will be placed in children’s clothing classification under the classification of women.

8. Brand Museum Classification

Under the classification of brand museums, consumers can find many sexy underwear brands, including many sexy underwear brands.These products are mainly classified under women’s underwear and adult toys.

Nine, cross -border e -commerce classification

Many imported erotic underwear brand products under the classification of cross -border e -commerce can also be searched on Pinduoduo, and they are mainly placed in the brand museum classification.

10. Digital home appliance classification

The classification of digital home appliances is not directly associated with sexy underwear, but the sales of sexy underwear have a great hidden connection with digital home appliances.Digital products are an indispensable part of modern people’s lives, and the time to use digital products will also affect people’s demand for sexy underwear.


To buy sexy underwear on Pinduoduo, you need to pay attention to the classification of the product.Interest underwear may appear in various categories. Consumers can search through relevant keywords when browsing different categories to find sexy underwear products that meet their requirements.

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