What do you want to buy some sex underwear to buy

1. Understand the role and classification of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a kind of sexy clothing, which is different from the underwear wearing daily.And sexy underwear is not just a simple sexy clothing, it is more sexual stimulating.According to different styles, sexy underwear can be divided into a variety of types such as temptation, hot, uniform, perspective, and sexy types. When choosing, it should be determined according to individual needs.

2. Choose the size that suits you

When choosing a sexy underwear, choose the size suitable for your body.If the size is too small, it will make you feel too tight and uncomfortable; if it is too large, not only is it not enough, but also lacks sexy beauty.Therefore, before buying a sexy underwear, you must check your size to ensure that you choose the right style.

3. Choose the right color

The color of sexy underwear is also an important buying factor.Color selection should be determined according to personal skin color and preference.Red is a representative color of sexy; black is more tempting; white looks more fresh and generous.When choosing, it is best to consider the matching style with yourself, so as to show better personal charm.

4. Material choice

The comfort and texture of sex underwear also need to pay attention to.Generally, the more materials of sexy underwear are cotton, silk, organic fibers and lace.Various different materials will bring different feel and texture experience.When choosing, choose according to your hobbies and uses.

5. Special design style

Sex underwear also requires some special design styles, such as open crotch, three -point, foot socks.These designs make sexy underwear more visual and sexy, most suitable for sexy silk feet enthusiasts or couples.

6. Different gender preferences

Men and women have different preferences when buying sexy underwear.Women are more tended with soft lace and lace, while men prefer sexy, hot and perspective design.When buying sex underwear, consider the preferences and choose the most suitable style of each other.

7. Commonly used styles

Men and women are commonly used in sexy lingerie styles.For example, women often use temptation and sexy types, while men often use comic cartoons, uniforms, and so on.Knowing the common styles can bring yourself some purchase options, and choose the most suitable sexy underwear.

8. Consider applicable occasions

Consider applicable occasions when choosing sexy underwear.It is suitable for wearing different types of underwear.For example, Valentine’s Day can choose red sexy underwear, and housewives can choose the emotional liquid underwear of the uniform series.Choose the right and sexual underwear in different occasions to make you more handy.

9. Brand choice

There are many types of erotic underwear brands, such as Joylover, Lutchomy, Avilove, Roman Happiness and so on.The design style and quality of different brands are also different.You can choose your favorite brand when you buy. The important thing is to choose the design style and size that meets your needs.

10. Summary

Choosing sexy underwear is a personalized detail, which has nothing to do with status, depending on personal imagination and aesthetic concepts.Selecting erotic underwear needs to consider multiple factors such as the size, color, material, special design style, and applicable occasions.By understanding yourself in depth, make a rational choice and try new challenges, and choose the most suitable sexy underwear.

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