What is the band of sexy underwear

What is sexy underwear band

Interest underwear bands usually refer to the straps connecting the cup of the underwear together, that is, the shoulder straps and straps of the underwear.Strapes are part of sexy underwear. They can not only support underwear, but also to enhance the beauty of underwear, and can even be a visual enjoyment.So, how to choose and use sexy underwear correctly?

Types of sexy underwear straps

There are many types of sexy underwear bands, the most common vests, shoulder straps, shoulder straps, etc.The vest strip is closely surrounded by the chest, providing better support and stability; the strap no strap is only connected to the chest and the back, suitable for wearing off -the -shoulder outfits;It is more sexy to wear.

Choose the material of the strap

It is important to choose a sexy underwear strap, because they can directly contact the skin and may cause discomfort.It is best to choose soft and breathable materials, such as velvet, lace, cotton, silk, etc.In addition, the buttons on the belt are also very important. You must choose a high -quality, easy -to -adjust buttons.

The size and length of the strap

The size and length of the strap are very important factor, which can cause people to cause disgust and discomfort.It is necessary to ensure that the size of the band you choose is matched, and adjust the length according to your physical characteristics to ensure the balance and comfort of the entire band.

The color and style of sexy underwear strap

The color and style of the strap are part of the sexy underwear, which is very important for the beauty of the entire underwear.You can choose the same color and style straps as the underwear, or you can choose to form or complementary colors and styles with underwear to increase the fashion and attractiveness of sex underwear.

How to wear sexy underwear straps

There are also some skills to wear sexy underwear straps.First of all, make sure that the band is adjusted to the right position, and maintains the skin tightly to increase support and comfort.Secondly, be careful not to adjust the band to pull the strap, which will damage the balance of the band and the entire underwear.

Self -maintenance of sexy underwear straps

Interest underwear requires not only the correct way to wear, but also the correct maintenance method.Wash the underwear band separately, gently wash with warm water, and do not wire with force.The best way is to place the strap in a small laundry bag, and then wash it at low temperature with the washing machine.

The matching of sexy underwear straps

The combination of sexy underwear bands and other clothing is also important.If you want to show a sexy side, you can choose off -shoulder, vest and low -cut clothing; if you want to show a cute and sweet side, you can choose to wear a top and lace vest.

The feeling of erotic underwear strap

The band of sexy underwear can not only make you feel more comfortable and confident, but also make you more aware of your body lines.After the correct choice and use, sexy underwear bands can make you feel more sexy and attractive.


Sex underwear bands are an important part of sexy underwear. The correct choice and use can increase the comfort, beauty and sexuality of the underwear, making you feel more confident and attractive.Therefore, when choosing underwear straps, you must pay attention to factors such as material, size, length, color and style to ensure the overall effect of the underwear.

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