What is the name of a body sex underwear

What is the name of a body sex underwear

Even physical lingerie, a rare underwear, is also a special sexy underwear, because it is different from ordinary underwear into two parts: upper and lower parts, but a piece of clothes that are closely connected.What is the physical and sexy underwear?This article will take you to understand.

1. The definition of even body fun underwear

Even the sexy underwear is a fashion underwear that connects the upper and lower body underwear. It usually includes two main parts: top and lower clothes, and can choose different fabrics and styles to meet the needs of personality.

Second, even body fun lingerie styles

Even the body sex lingerie has a special design and style, so there are many different styles to choose from.

1. The suspender is connected with physical sex underwear

This kind of sexy underwear usually has a fine shoulder strap, which is very suitable for couples under mild climatic conditions.

2. Wrapped clothes -style sexy underwear

This kind of sexy underwear is very tight, modifying the figure, exposing most of the skin, giving a sexy feeling.

3. Letter T pants connecting physical and sexy underwear

This kind of sexy underwear is thick and sporty, with a letter T -shirt, and tight pants make you full of temptation every step.

Third, how to match the physical sex underwear

Generally, you need special accessories to match it to show your inner thoughts and sexy style.Here are some suggestions:

1. High -heeled shoes

Putting on high heels will increase your sexy temperament and make you more confident.

2. Stakes

Stockings are one of the sexy symbols of women, which allows you to show your perfect figure and increase sexy atmosphere.

3. Necklace and earrings

Accessories are the essential part of many women. Choosing the appropriate necklace and earrings can increase your feminine charm and make you more eye -catching.

Fourth, the fabric of the body’s sexy underwear

Even the fabric of the body sex underwear is usually used to make various fabrics for ordinary underwear, but it also includes some special materials, such as such as some special materials, such as such as

1. lace

Lace is the most common conjoined erotic underwear fabric because it shows the soft and sexy side of women.

2. Leather

Leather’s physical and fun underwear is very novel. It is a very powerful fabric that puts it on it to show you another charm.

3. Saon.com

Saon.com’s physical and sexy underwear looks transparent, which can make women more sexy and make people look more long.

5. Suitable for wearing physical and sexy underwear

Even physical underwear is not only suitable for fun fun, but also can be worn on special occasions and holidays.The main occasions include:

1. Dating at night

It will be very good to dating even a physical and fun underwear at night, making you feel confident and comfortable.

2. Family party

Wearing a sexy underwear should be a good time to relax, so that you can greatly improve your return rate in family parties.

3. Private party

Putting on a sexy underwear to show your sexy charm and self -confidence in a private party may make you the focus of party.

6. How to choose a sizer of sexy underwear

When you buy even physical sex underwear, you should choose a size that suits you to ensure that even physical and sexy underwear perfectly fit your body. This can not only highlight your sexy charm, but also allow youComfortable.

Seven, the price of the sexy underwear

Different body fun underwear prices are not the same, which mainly depends on their design, style and fabric.You can find different price segments from dozens to hundreds of yuan in the market.

8. Precautions for buying a physical and sexy underwear

You should consider the following aspects when buying a more sexy underwear.First of all, you should choose the style and size that suits you; second, you should choose the right fabric, for example, choose cotton and other sweat -absorbing fabrics so that you will not feel unwell when you wear it; finally, check the brand and evaluation carefully, and carefully check the brand and evaluation, and the evaluation, and the evaluation will be viewed.Choose products with good word of mouth.


Even physical underwear is a very special underwear suitable for various occasions. Whether it is wearing comfort or sexy, it is difficult to compare with other types of underwear.If you are looking for a fresh, sexy and stylish sense of fashion, and trying to put on a more sexy underwear, you may have a new experience.

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