What is the name of the English underwear English name

What is the English name of sexy underwear?

As an important part of underwear, as an important part of the clothing market, it is no longer just a functional dress. It is more a fashion item that shows personality and taste.Interesting underwear, as one of the special categories, has unique characteristics in its design, materials and other aspects.And what is the English name of sex underwear?This article will introduce you in detail.

I. Sexy underwear Sexy Lingerie

Sexy underwear is one of the most basic types of sexy underwear.It usually highlights the curve of women’s bodies, creating a sense of charm and sexy.Therefore, this underwear is usually called Sexy Lingerie.

II. Japanese kimono sexy underwear japanese style lingerie

Japan has a unique tradition in culture, and kimono is one of them.The kimono -style and sexy underwear derived from the kimono is also ingenious.Kimonos and sexy underwear usually use a large amount of chiffon, transparent tulle and other materials, light and elegant, showing the charming beauty of Japanese women.

III. Below Lace Bodysuit

Although the bottoming shirt is more common in daily matching, the bottom shirt in the sexy underwear is another appearance.Different from the general bottoming shirt, the bottom shirts in sexy underwear are mostly transparent materials such as lace, which outlines the female body curve, which is a representative of sexy and temperament.Therefore, it is usually called LACE BODYSUIT.

IV. Slim underwear shape wear

Slim underwear is generally used to correct body defects.Slim underwear in sexy underwear usually uses slim -fitting design, while incorporating sexy elements, such as transparent lace, careful machine design, etc., so that the figure is decent, sexy without losing highlights.Therefore, slim underwear in sexy underwear is called Shape Wear.

V. Fairy Talel Style Lingerie

The fairy tale world is a dreamy and mysterious existence. Fairy tales and colorful lingerie is a mysterious and dreamy underwear.It sometimes draws on the shapes of fairy tale characters, such as princesses, elves, etc., and sometimes express mysterious atmosphere through exquisite lace, lace and other elements, creating a dreamy feeling of "in the fairy tale world" for the people.


Some women will have a secondary milk, which makes them quite distressed.At this time, it is very necessary to collect a pair of lingerie.It is a bra with a special panel or a pair of panels, which can effectively help women collect parasitic milk and reduce back fat.Therefore, receiving auxiliary milk underwear is usually called Back-Smoothing Bra.

Vii. Red color sex underwear red lingerie

Basic red color sexy underwear is a classic representative of sexy underwear. It usually takes bright red as the main color, which makes people think of many emotions such as enthusiasm, passion, and love.Many women choose red color sexy underwear at special moments to exude a sense of confidence and beauty.Therefore, it is simply called Red Lingerie in English.

Viii. Pajamas sex lingerie Sleepwear lingerie

Interest underwear is not only at night, but some pajamas sexy underwear is also very popular.On the one hand, this underwear retains the sexy elements of sexy underwear, and on the other hand, it is equipped with the comfort of pajamas, exuding an elegant and natural beauty.Therefore, pajamas erotic underwear is usually called Sleepwear Lingerie.

IX. Mask sexy lingerie Mask lingerie

In special occasions and special circumstances, some women will choose a mask sexy underwear.On the basis of general sexy elements, this underwear is more mysterious and seductive with a mask design similar to the mask.Therefore, the mask erotic underwear is usually called Mask Lingerie in English.

X. Lace Lingerie

As a mainstream in sexy underwear, with its hazy and charming sexy style, it has become a dreamy choice in many women’s minds.Lace underwear is often made of lace, lace, etc., which are beautiful and soft.Therefore, it is simply called Lace Lingerie in English.

Views: Different erotic underwear and daily underwear are different. It emphasizes sexy, mysterious, temptation and other factors, which is the expression and manifestation of female sex.When choosing underwear, you should choose a pair of lingerie, slim underwear, fairy tales, fairy -style sexy underwear, mask sexy underwear, etc. according to your own needs and personality, so as to show your unique charm.

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