What kind of sexy underwear wears fat girls


There are many benefits to wearing erotic underwear, including improving self -confidence and feeling sexy.However, it is difficult to choose the right sexy underwear for full -bodied women.In this article, we will discuss what erotic underwear wearing fat girls is more suitable.

Supporting and maintaining morphological underwear

Find underwear that can be effective in the chest can not only strengthen support for the chest, but also give you a better form.Priority to choose a wide shoulder strap underwear, this style can fully support the chest to avoid weakness.In addition, elastic materials are also a better choice, because it can better meet your curve.

No steel ring underwear

If you want to make yourself feel more comfortable, sexy underwear without steel is a good choice.This underwear will reduce chest discomfort, because steel ring underwear often causes pressure on the bottom and dresses, which may be more obvious for fat girls.

Breathable underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, the breathable material underwear is more suitable, which makes your skin feel comfortable.Of course, many high -end underwear brands have a better choice for breathability.

Full cup underwear

Full cups of sexy underwear are suitable for fat girls.When choosing a style, you can also choose a "smooth outline" style to make your chest better show its natural curve.In addition, the underwear is best to use black or skin tone, which usually makes you look slender.

Low -cut underwear

If you want to highlight your curve, low -cut underwear is a very good choice.It will increase the corresponding beauty, highlighting your sexy and self -confidence.

Appropriate size

Each woman has a unique body shape, so it is very important to choose a suitable underwear.Underwear with inappropriate sizes is uncomfortable and cannot really highlight your advantages.Therefore, before buying, make sure you measure your chest and waist circumference size and try multiple sizes to find the most suitable size.

Highlight your advantages

Although any sex underwear should make you feel sexy and confident, you should emphasize your advantages.If you have a sexy back and slender waist, there are advantages of vest underwear or waist underwear.Similarly, if you have sexy thighs, and personal pants with two functions: breathable and bottoming functions are a good choice.Only by emphasizing your advantages can you truly show your charm.

Choose underwear suitable for the occasion

Before selecting sex underwear, consider the occasion.At the company’s internal meeting, transparent or too sexy underwear may not be appropriate.However, if you want to participate in a party like a party or dinner, wearing a more sexy sexy underwear may be a good choice.Before choosing, you must consider the occasion, which will make you more confident and comfortable on different occasions.

Color choice

Although black underwear is one of the more slender choices, there are many other choices.For example, color such as gray, brown or dark purple is a good choice, and it is also more stylish than traditional skin color underwear.Don’t forget, choosing the right color can also optimize your body shape visually.

in conclusion:

Choosing sex underwear may be a challenging process, especially for women with full body.Before selecting sexy underwear, you must consider your own body shape and advantages, and choose the style suitable for the occasion.The most important thing is that wearing erotic underwear must make yourself feel sexy and confident.

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