What kind of sexy underwear women are wearing

1 Introduction

Interest underwear has become one of the important wearing of modern women, not just to attract men’s attention.Choosing the right sexy underwear can improve women’s self -confidence and sexy.However, the correct choice also requires some professional knowledge and experience. Let’s discuss what kind of problems women wear in sex underwear.

2. Comfortable

First of all, the impact and comfort should be considered before choosing sexy underwear.For activities that wear long -term and need a lot of activities, such as sports projects or bar carnival, the comfort of underwear is very important.Choose the soft, breathable, suitable size, and sufficient support for power. These elements will help maintain a comfortable feeling.

3. Style selection

There are many styles of sexy underwear, with different designs and styles to adapt to different fashion trends and provide a satisfactory experience.Selective emotional fun underwear needs to be selected according to different women’s body shapes, not a single shape and size.For example, a bra with a gathering effect can make the less upright chest look strong.

4. Selection of bra

For buying bra, women should choose a cup that suits them, and obey the suggestions of professionals, and choose the corresponding steel ring according to the size of the cup.At the same time, the width and materials of the straps are also needed.Loose straps usually let the chest slip down.In addition, women can choose bras with pressure support to avoid problems exposed on the upper chest.

5. The choice of bottom pants

For bottom pants, you need to choose based on personal hobbies.Some of these popular options are T -shaped pants and low underwear.T -shaped pants are very useful for the lines of restraining the hips. At the same time, low -waist underwear can be matched with low waist jeans.No matter which one is selected, it is also important to choose the correct size and material.

6. Color selection

The choice of color should be based on the occasion and personal taste.Common palettes include black, red and pink.Elegant black is often the first choice for dresses and formal occasions.Red underwear is a symbol of sexy and tempting, while underwear with soft colors is a very suitable choice for weddings and tender moments.

7. Perspective underwear

The design of the underwear is designed to reveal more skin. This design is particularly suitable for women with tall or thinner figures.The lines of perspective underwear are often accompanied by rich accessories and diamonds, adding more individual characteristics to women.

8. Clothing depicting figure

In addition to the appropriate underwear, fashionable women also need some clothes that depict figures.Such as a dress suitable for women and tights.These clothing can usually be well matched with underwear, increase visual effects, and make women confident.

9. Focus on the parts of issues

When choosing sexy underwear, women need to pay attention to their physical problems.For example, if you are not satisfied with your thighs or abdomen, you can choose abdominal underwear to effectively modify; you can choose a bra with a gathering effect to achieve better results.

10. Conclusion

When choosing a sexy underwear, multiple factors need to be considered, including comfort, style, bra, pants, color and problems.Correctly choosing the correct sexy underwear can not only enrich your sense of fashion, but also enhance self -confidence and sexy.Therefore, women need to make rational choices based on their physical characteristics and occasions.

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