What posture should be after wearing a sexy underwear

What posture should be after wearing a sexy underwear

As a clothing that is widely used in sex occasions, sexy underwear is sought after and loved by many people.Interest underwear can not only enhance the sense of enjoyment of sex, but also increase the interests between the two.After buying a sexy underwear that suits you, how can we wear the best effect?This article will share the posture that should be adopted after wearing sexy underwear.

1. Lie on the window sill

After wearing a sexy underwear, you can lie on the window sill, gently resist your palm, raise your head and close your eyes, and let yourself be in a leisurely relaxing state.Or you can also hang your feet, your wrist palms towards the sky, and feel the flow of wind.Such a posture can make sexy underwear better show your figure, making you feel more charming and moving.

2. lying on the bed

Lying on the bed is a kind of sexy underwear commonly used by women.In this way, the curve of the chest and the lines of the hips are very prominent, and the whole person looks more charming and charming.You can gently cross your head, towards the mirror, and adjust your cheeks, lips and hair with flexible gestures.

3. Squatting on the bed

When squatting beside the bed, you can choose to put an elegant posture, such as making your knees slightly bent slightly, making your hips more attractive.You can hold a rose at the same time, or use only one hand to mess with your hair, show a sexy and charming effect in the flow of the body’s curve and gesture.

4. Sit on the bed

When sitting on the bed, you can put on an elegant and comfortable posture.The most common of which is sitting on the side, allowing the body to show a soft curved shape.You can put your head slightly, let a strand of hair falling on his forehead, or pay special attention to your eyes, mysterious and seductive.

5. Leaning on the wall

Leaning on the wall is a good sexy underwear in the posture.You can choose to lean along the wall, or to be horizontal, as long as you need to be comfortable and natural.The body is slender and sloppy, and it also shows soft lines.

6. Lie flat on the bed

Lying on the bed is the most common one in sexy underwear.Generally speaking, you can gently hold the remote control in your hand and adjust the sheets to make your clothes better.You can put one hand on your head, as if thinking about something, or holding your hands on your chest, a relaxed look.

7. lying on your back

Separation can better highlight the body of women, especially the chest.You can let yourself lie down slowly, put your hands on your chest, or let your hands stroke your skin, so that you can relax yourself and show your sexiest side.

8. Sitting on the dwarf stool

Sitting on a low stool can show a more dynamic effect. You can choose to shake your body and make yourself look more enchanting.At the same time, you can also put some unique postures, such as stepping one foot on the low stool, or crossing your legs to make your body more perfect.

9. Applause to make a sense of venue

The last kind of sexy underwear is wearing a posture in photos or videos. You can shoot a charming cat step, make a sound on the ground, and make your beautiful girl lift up.The best side.

While choosing sexy underwear, the most important thing is to choose the right style and color according to your body, temperament and personal preference.At the same time, when wearing sexy underwear, you must also pay attention to your own attitude and attitude, and maintain confidence and spirit, so that you can truly become a sexy and charming woman.

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